My Toddler’s The Lorax Inspired Birthday Party

When I started pulling the elements together for my toddler’s Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax inspired birthday party, I knew that I wanted to focus in on The Lorax’s theme around the environment. Therefore, I used a bunch of natural elements such as bamboo plates, serving bowls, spoons and matching serving tray, slices of birch trunks, faux grass/moss and real plants, fallen tree branches, and upcycled glass bottles. And any party supplies that I didn’t reuse in the process of this party will be reused in the future!

I had so much fun planning for this party, but I learned something about myself in the process this time…I realized during my party planning this time is that one of my favorite parts of party prep is the curation of ideas! To check out all of my inspiration, here is a link to my Pinterest board entitled, {“Oh, the Places He’ll Go!”}

The Lorax theme for this party actually evolved from my search on the world-renowned Dr. Seuss book; in fact, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is an adaptation of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. To quote a blog post I referenced when learning about the story and movie background, “Although the story was written back in the seventies, it is still on time…[it] is spreading [a] sadly very true ecological message and warning […]

‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It is not.’ “

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My DIY Felt Flower Wreath

Now that we are feeling settled into our new home, I’m back to crafting and blogging again! Soon I’ll begin working on another painting for my home which I’m very excited about! In the meantime, a couple weeks ago I made this fun, modern wreath that I’ve been eager to post!

My friend and I enjoy making seasonal wreaths together, but this time I was happy to choose a combination of colors and a pattern that I can display for more than one season. Beginning with the inspiration links, we decided we liked the striped fabric on this wreath and the look of the felt flowers on this wreath.

While not all Pinterest pins for felt flowers provide tutorials, there are many great ones out there! We just went out to various tutorials to learn how to make our flowers. Here are a few of the ones I used: this with uneven petal borders, this with spiral petals, this with folded petals, and this rolled pom one. There are so many more varieties, but I wanted a bit of unity, so I stuck with slight variations of each of those I listed. That leaves many other felt flower varieties for me to try for future crafts!

My Personal Best Tip: If you use pin backs, you can insert the needle end into the fabric and leave the closure unfastened so that the pinned flowers are just resting in place on your wreath. Then if you ever want to reposition them or take them off and swap them out, you can just slide them off in a millisecond! I liked the option of using pin backs so that I can remove the flowers at any time and re-use the wreath for another creation during the year! Further, this option lets me re-purpose the flowers in another craft as well! Voila! Up-cycling at its finest. 🙂

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Eye Candy: My Glittery Halloween Chevron Wreath

{Halloween Chevron Wreath}
My crafty friend and I each made one of these chevron wreaths for Halloween! We found this awesome holiday wreath inspiration on Pinterest…I’ll admit that I might be a little addicted to that site but admitting it is the first step, right? [I’ll also admit I might have given more than one presentation on Pinterest in my master’s program. Just check out some of the Pinteresting stats I used in my statistics class and you’ll see why!] But if you want to participate in an intervention for me, you should probably take a look first to see how bad the problem is by clicking here to see my Ashtonishing pin collection. [A play on the word, get it? (Snickers to herself). Get it? Snickers? A Halloween candy pun! Ok, I’ll stop now. Sorry, that got out of hand.]

Tatertots & Jello came up with this spooktacular wreath and they have a simple tutorial you can find here to make one yourself! We modified ours based on the materials we found; for example, I used glittered bat embellishments that my hubby spotted for me at the craft store [and I sandwiched them back to back over the baker’s twine for stability], while my friend bought a larger wreath and cut larger bats out of glitter paper. In the inspiration project, she cut her bats with a Silhouette machine and then Mod Podged them and sprinkled them with black glitter. She suggests that you can also use a bat-shaped punch too, so there are many options!

I love this whimsical and modern take on a holiday that’s often steeped in traditional decor! Before All Hallow’s Eve, I’ll be watching for more modern DIY twists [coughs “Pinterest” to herself], and I hope to see you there before 10/31!

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