{How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower}

Pinkies up, Ladies! 🙂 My little sis and I had so much fun planning our other sis’ bridal showers together and I thought it was high {tea} time I post the pictures from this shower as well! Just as with {My Sister’s Champagne & Cupcakes Bridal Shower}, I was eager to get my craft on so I happily volunteered to plan and execute decorations and shower games for both parties! My little sis secured the befitting party invitations, the space, the food and other such, so kudos to her for her hard work!

As before, when it came to orchestrating all of the elements of the events, my wee sister was awesome to collaborate with! And the then bride-to-be had such a wonderful time with family and friends which was what it was all about!

Check out the post to see the vintage-y party elements, Homemade decor, a couple shower games and fun party pics!

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My Toddler’s The Lorax Inspired Birthday Party

When I started pulling the elements together for my toddler’s Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax inspired birthday party, I knew that I wanted to focus in on The Lorax’s theme around the environment. Therefore, I used a bunch of natural elements such as bamboo plates, serving bowls, spoons and matching serving tray, slices of birch trunks, faux grass/moss and real plants, fallen tree branches, and upcycled glass bottles. And any party supplies that I didn’t reuse in the process of this party will be reused in the future!

I had so much fun planning for this party, but I learned something about myself in the process this time…I realized during my party planning this time is that one of my favorite parts of party prep is the curation of ideas! To check out all of my inspiration, here is a link to my Pinterest board entitled, {“Oh, the Places He’ll Go!”}

The Lorax theme for this party actually evolved from my search on the world-renowned Dr. Seuss book; in fact, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is an adaptation of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. To quote a blog post I referenced when learning about the story and movie background, “Although the story was written back in the seventies, it is still on time…[it] is spreading [a] sadly very true ecological message and warning […]

‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It is not.’ “

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My Baby’s Circus Themed 1st Birthday Party

For those of you who missed {My Baby’s Ringmaster’s Big Top 1st Birthday Party} last year, here is a round-up of some of the best party shots! See my Facebook page for more pictures of family and friends acting silly. 🙂 Here you’ll find DIY Ring Toss, DIY Ribbon Banner, “A Big Top Thank You” Circus Peanut Treat Bags, Party Hats with Clown Noses Atop, Ringmaster Mustache Kazoos and more!

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{My Sister’s Champagne & Cupcakes Bridal Shower}

My little sis and I had so much fun planning our other sis’ bridal showers together and I thought it was high time I post the pictures! I was eager to do some crafting so I happily volunteered to plan and execute decorations for both parties! Popping bottles with Bellini’s and Mimosa’s in hand and plenty of cupcakes, candy, fruit and veggies to go around, the soiree was great fun! In this post, I showcase all of the party elements in pictures and I provide the DIY instructions for a couple of the crafts as well!

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{These Are a Few of My Favorite Things}

For {My Favorite Things Party}, I purchased 5 Salted Caramel Cocoa Mixes with Marshmallows served in lidded glass jars and combined them with handmade additions! To personalize my gifts, I printed “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” labels and secured them to the top of the jar lid. Then I made white & milk chocolate {Hot Cocoa Spoons} with sprinkles, and for a twist, I added hand-cut “YUM YUM” Beverage Stencils to dress up the drinks if they are made sans marshmallows! I love DIYs, big and small!

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