{My Former Master Bedroom Retreat}

While I continue to wait in anticipatory delight for my next haven, I thought I’d give you a tour of my prior master bedroom sanctuary! Along with showcasing our DIY projects, below I share pictures as well as where I purchased some of the items. Down the road I’ll share the instructions for making {My Faux DIY Floating Shelf} that my husband built and stained to match the headboard as well as {My DIY Aluminum Lanterns} shown on the side table next to the chevron slipper chair below. And if you haven’t seen {My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art} project, it’s not to late!

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{My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art}

In recent years I have really fallen for geometric shapes and patterns. Inspired by color field paintings, this project combined that love with my infatuation for DIY projects and large-scale art — a perfect union! It also met the need for wall art in my master bedroom and coordinates nicely with my other patterns, so I was quite tickled!

I created my DIY wall art by eyeballing a layout and placing thin tape accordingly. Then I painted over the tape and removed it before the acrylic paint dried; the key is removing the tape before the paint dries.

Stay tuned for instructions and tips on {My DIY Aluminum Lanterns} and {My Striped Wall Paint Techniques} in upcoming posts!

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{My DIY Glittery Christmas Trees}

With Christmas around the corner, I can finally post this DIY Christmas craft to share! I made this lovely holiday trio with a pair of my friends a while back. We each made a set of three to prominently display in our homes year after year!

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{Our Baby’s Future Life Space}

In April 2013, we are excitedly expanding our home by 2 feet!

Lately I have been busy with nursery preparations to ensure a tranquil life space for our future baby. We ordered the convertible crib I picked out, we received the desired nine piece bedding set as a shower gift, we have a changing table (which was formerly my craft desk), a dresser (which was given to me by my grandparents when I was a baby), and we have an organization plan for the closet. We painted the nursery using two different paint techniques (both of which are ombre!), and if all works out, we will order my favorite glider and ottoman as soon as it is available in retail stores. [See update below.]

I am so very excited to provide details on items selected for the nursery. One of the items I am most excited about [that my husband will pick up for me in LA since it is only sold in stores] is the  IKEA MASKROS Pendant lamp;  the website says that it “projects decorative patterns onto the ceiling and the wall” which is one of my favorite features about the light fixture. I also like that it might abstractly translate as sea urchins when surrounded with my selected decor, which would support my “under the water” theme. [See update below.]

I do hope you check back for more details and pictures over the coming months as we prepare a space that the baby is sure to love!

Update: Since this post, I have added the nursery pictures to the gallery.  Feel free to lemme know what you think; I’m evaluating whether to carry this theme forward into his room in our next home.
IMG_7459IMG_7493Baby's Nursery IMG_7462 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 IMG_7466 IMG_7471 IMG_7472 IMG_7507 IMG_7505 IMG_7497 IMG_7495 IMG_7482