DIY Craft Menu: A Sneak Preview

When I’m in the middle of making, I am always wondering what other projects are on my list. The challenge is that makers tend to keep their hands full with scissors, glue, tape, decorative papers, etc. and it’s not easy to stop the flow and enter a password to look at the list on one’s phone mid-craft. Now I can just glance up from my station and see what’s on my DIY Craft Menu Board! Besides, I craft more than I cook at this point so who needs a dinner menu? 😉 

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That reminds me: it’s time to cook up more tried-and-true recipes for the blog! While you’re keeping dialed in for the how-to on my DIY Craft Menu this week, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for hints about upcoming spring and Easter recipes!! Got some goodies up my wanna-be confectioner’s sleeve! 

{Creating a Mental Break – My White Space}

Do you ever feel like you need to create more “white space” in your inbox ​​​to give your mind a vacation? For the past 11 months, I’ve been using Unroll.Me email management to save some of the time I spend viewing personal emails, freeing up valuable hours on my nights and weekends. How do they do it? You get one email once a day ​in a newsletter-like style for all of your subscriptions​. ​And the best part is that you can see all of your subscriptions and unsubscribe to any junk emails you don’t want right off the bat with a single click! ​

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I’m so excited because I’m BlogLovin’!!!! I’ve tried several blog readers before, but until now I have never found one I like as much as this platform. I’m already following some of my favorite blogs, saving posts that inspire me and seeing what my friends are reading. Now any time I see a blog or post I like, I have a one-stop-shop to save it in…it’s kind of like creating an online file folder for my digital magazine clippings! Gotta love organization–whether in “real life” or online!

Feel free to follow me and my progress in my life space there as well!