DIY Craft Menu: A Sneak Preview

When I’m in the middle of making, I am always wondering what other projects are on my list. The challenge is that makers tend to keep their hands full with scissors, glue, tape, decorative papers, etc. and it’s not easy to stop the flow and enter a password to look at the list on one’s phone mid-craft. Now I can just glance up from my station and see what’s on my DIY Craft Menu Board! Besides, I craft more than I cook at this point so who needs a dinner menu? 😉 

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That reminds me: it’s time to cook up more tried-and-true recipes for the blog! While you’re keeping dialed in for the how-to on my DIY Craft Menu this week, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for hints about upcoming spring and Easter recipes!! Got some goodies up my wanna-be confectioner’s sleeve! 

{How to Make Candy Corn Decor}

Perfect for fall, this candy corn craft is a super cute and simple decor idea that makes its debut in time for Halloween! That’s right. October doesn’t have to be the only month you display this yarn-wrapped styrofoam craft, but it may only take you about 30 minutes to make this giant candy corn yarn centerpiece in time for an All Hallows’ Eve party!

While I bet you could figure out how to make these candy corn yarn cones without instructions, below is the list of supplies and instructions.


Styrofoam cone(s) – can find them at Dollar Tree
Yarn in white, orange and yellow – thick yarn recommended if crafting with kids
Spray adhesive or hot glue/glue gun

Wrap three different colors of yarn around a foam cone stopping at the break points you establish.
Hot glue the ends of the yarn to secure each section OR use spray adhesive on the cone to secure the yarn before wrapping OR tuck the yarn tails in and keep wrapping sans adhesive.
For the tip of the cone, make a spiral circle of yarn and hot glue it to the top or use spray adhesive.

Nestle the faux giant candy corn in actual candy corns in a low-edge bowl (pictured) or in a glass hurricane. – OR –
Spray paint glass candlestick holders (from the dollar store) either black or white and adhere your candy corn craft on top! – OR –
Take a chopstick/cookie stick and push it through the bottom of the base and insert your candy-corn-on-a-stick into a small terra cotta pot, then fill the pot with faux moss.
And there you have it: a spooktacular DIY Halloween decoration! Whether you make it large or small or with a white button on top, this corn’s sure to be cream of the crop! [Sorry, a little corn humor there. Had to be a little corny for this post.]

If you like this easy yarn-wrapped candy corn project or want to show me a little love, please pin it to Pinterest using the image below!

How to Make Candy Corn Decor | {My Life Space Moments}
How to Make Candy Corn Decor | {My Life Space Moments} @lifespacemoment
Did you catch {My Glittery Halloween Chevron Wreath}? It’s not too late to make (or pin) one of these to get in the Halloween spirit either!

{My Glittery Halloween Chevron Wreath}
{My Glittery Halloween Chevron Wreath}
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{How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower}

Pinkies up, Ladies! 🙂 My little sis and I had so much fun planning our other sis’ bridal showers together and I thought it was high {tea} time I post the pictures from this shower as well! Just as with {My Sister’s Champagne & Cupcakes Bridal Shower}, I was eager to get my craft on so I happily volunteered to plan and execute decorations and shower games for both parties! My little sis secured the befitting party invitations, the space, the food and other such, so kudos to her for her hard work!

As before, when it came to orchestrating all of the elements of the events, my wee sister was awesome to collaborate with! And the then bride-to-be had such a wonderful time with family and friends which was what it was all about!

Check out the post to see the vintage-y party elements, Homemade decor, a couple shower games and fun party pics!

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