The Time is Coming

Soon I will be attending a blogging conference, and I really look forward to the inspiration to follow! Thanks for staying with me as I’ve settled into life as a mom of two this year! In a changing world, one constant for me is that I want to continue to create and write. 🙂 To my fellow creators and writers, feel free to post what you’ve been up to in the comments below (and you can include a link to your blog if you have one)!

{Carried Away by Life Space Changes}

I got so carried away with my boys during my maternity leave that I decided to stay home with them full time! After returning to work, I suddenly knew I needed to turn in my two weeks notice and place my current career [10 years running–5 years with that employer] on hold. Even though this is a bittersweet decision, I know I’ll never regret the uber-special bonding time with my children during their formative years! I don’t want to miss another second!!

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