{New year. New Beginnings.}

Wow, I can’t believe my blog celebrated its second anniversary concurrent with the New Year! Yep, on January 1, 2013 I resolved to become a blogger to chronicle {My Life Space Moments} and so I did when I released my first post! I had a break in there shortly after my son was born and I returned to my master’s program and to work full-time, but hopefully I’ll be going strong now for quite some time! I have a full editorial calendar for the next few months, so I hope you look forward to more completed craft projects, thought-provoking posts, prepared meals from new recipes, decor showcased, and more parties planned and executed by me!

{The End of Summer Days}

I always find the changing of seasons to be a nostalgic time, don’t you? It is now the end of summer and I find myself reminiscing of summer days gone by—from this year and in the past. Yet there are still plenty of ways to stay in the moment, eat well and make healthy choices. So instead of wishing for a reset button to restart summer due to sentimental longing, why not bask in the warmth of knowing that this season will come again next year and we can look forward to making many great summer memories then?

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