Eye Candy: My Glittery Halloween Chevron Wreath

{Halloween Chevron Wreath}
My crafty friend and I each made one of these chevron wreaths for Halloween! We found this awesome holiday wreath inspiration on Pinterest…I’ll admit that I might be a little addicted to that site but admitting it is the first step, right? [I’ll also admit I might have given more than one presentation on Pinterest in my master’s program. Just check out some of the Pinteresting stats I used in my statistics class and you’ll see why!] But if you want to participate in an intervention for me, you should probably take a look first to see how bad the problem is by clicking here to see my Ashtonishing pin collection. [A play on the word, get it? (Snickers to herself). Get it? Snickers? A Halloween candy pun! Ok, I’ll stop now. Sorry, that got out of hand.]

Tatertots & Jello came up with this spooktacular wreath and they have a simple tutorial you can find here to make one yourself! We modified ours based on the materials we found; for example, I used glittered bat embellishments that my hubby spotted for me at the craft store [and I sandwiched them back to back over the baker’s twine for stability], while my friend bought a larger wreath and cut larger bats out of glitter paper. In the inspiration project, she cut her bats with a Silhouette machine and then Mod Podged them and sprinkled them with black glitter. She suggests that you can also use a bat-shaped punch too, so there are many options!

I love this whimsical and modern take on a holiday that’s often steeped in traditional decor! Before All Hallow’s Eve, I’ll be watching for more modern DIY twists [coughs “Pinterest” to herself], and I hope to see you there before 10/31!

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