DIY Craft Menu: A Sneak Preview

When I’m in the middle of making, I am always wondering what other projects are on my list. The challenge is that makers tend to keep their hands full with scissors, glue, tape, decorative papers, etc. and it’s not easy to stop the flow and enter a password to look at the list on one’s phone mid-craft. Now I can just glance up from my station and see what’s on my DIY Craft Menu Board! Besides, I craft more than I cook at this point so who needs a dinner menu? 😉 

DIY Craft Menu | My Life Space Moments at

That reminds me: it’s time to cook up more tried-and-true recipes for the blog! While you’re keeping dialed in for the how-to on my DIY Craft Menu this week, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for hints about upcoming spring and Easter recipes!! Got some goodies up my wanna-be confectioner’s sleeve! 

{How to Create a Lovely Succulent Garden}

With spring around the corner and a pep in my step, I thought there would be no better time than to give my tips on creating a lovely succulent garden!

I don’t know at what point I fell in love with succulents, but I know one thing’s for sure: there’s no going back now, baby! Every{Succulent Selection 2} time I’m in Crate & Barrel or Z. Gallerie or any of my other favorite stores, I can’t help but make a beeline for the location I last saw displayed succulents. Then, as if I’m on a treasure hunt, I meander around the store to find them sprinkled about on various dining and end tables, shelves and display cases.

So one day when I was in Home Goods, I spotted this must-have chartreuse planter box…but what to do with it? My mind raced as I thought of all of the endless possibilities and ways I could creatively repurpose the piece over time. It seemed pricey so I called my hubs who reminded me that I’m a sucker for pots and have plenty available at home in the garage. But I had to have this one! So I bought it, resolving that I would make a lovely succulent garden!

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{My Former Master Bedroom Retreat}

While I continue to wait in anticipatory delight for my next haven, I thought I’d give you a tour of my prior master bedroom sanctuary! Along with showcasing our DIY projects, below I share pictures as well as where I purchased some of the items. Down the road I’ll share the instructions for making {My Faux DIY Floating Shelf} that my husband built and stained to match the headboard as well as {My DIY Aluminum Lanterns} shown on the side table next to the chevron slipper chair below. And if you haven’t seen {My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art} project, it’s not to late!

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{My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art}

In recent years I have really fallen for geometric shapes and patterns. Inspired by color field paintings, this project combined that love with my infatuation for DIY projects and large-scale art — a perfect union! It also met the need for wall art in my master bedroom and coordinates nicely with my other patterns, so I was quite tickled!

I created my DIY wall art by eyeballing a layout and placing thin tape accordingly. Then I painted over the tape and removed it before the acrylic paint dried; the key is removing the tape before the paint dries.

Stay tuned for instructions and tips on {My DIY Aluminum Lanterns} and {My Striped Wall Paint Techniques} in upcoming posts!

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