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{My Life Space Moments} Media Kit - Ashley Camber @ AshleyCamber.com
{My Life Space Moments} Media Kit – Ashley Camber @ AshleyCamber.com

About Me ~ Ashley Camber 🙂

Hello! I’m Ashley Camber, a blessed mompreneur, wife, blogger and cheerleader of life-long learning sharing {Moments} of joy and growth in {My Life Space}…and helping others do the same!

I live in Kansas [though I was proudly raised in Nebraska as a Husker!] where I love to laugh and play with my Italian husband, ambitious toddler and smiley baby. I have a zest for life…and the changes that it brings. I consider myself a change agenta cheerleader for wellbeing and a champion of lifelong learning. I love to read, write, act, sing, dance, travel, organize, research, plan theme parties and create (among many other things!). I am also actively involved in my community, having been recognized for my services on planning committees for a local children’s charity and as the Director of Social Media for the chapter of a local professional association.

Due to my unending desire for personal and professional enrichment [aka, I’d love to be a professional student!], I have a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development Psychology and I have completed several professional certifications; I am a MBTI & StrengthsFinder assessment enthusiast. As a graduate student, it was through my study of Kurt Lewin’s Point of Influence (among other personality theories) that I arrived at a theme for my very own DIY & lifestyle blog.

About {My Life Space Moments}

Join me on my journey as I make our new house more home-y, experience all the firsts that a parent enjoys, and continually pursue an authentic life. After all…

Who you are is very much a function of what is present in your life space at a given moment.” – Morley Segal

I thank you for spending some of your moments indulging in my life space moments!  Perhaps it will inspire you to examine what is present in your own life space.

What About You?

So…what about YOUR life space? I aim to be an influencer who inspires others to hold space in their lives for those people and things that make them most passionate! For information on my career and/or life coaching offerings, please contact me at mylifespacemoments@gmail.com.


  1. freakreborn says:

    Your life seems so pleasant and lovely. I am extremely uplifting by how good a mother you seem to be. Stay happy and keep the dream alive 🙂

    1. Ashley Renee says:

      Wow, thanks!! I believe there is always room for improvement, so in the mother department, I plan to introduce more experiential play and art into our toddler’s life! I’m excited to begin blogging about that soon too! Stay happy and dreamin’ as well! 🙂

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