Picture This: In a World Full of Color, Imagine Being Color Blind

Today my husband had the opportunity to see the world in full color for the first time in his life…and he declined. My color blind husband told the vision specialists he could not put on the color-correcting lenses because his wife was not with him.

Color Blind and It is Fine

I called him as he was leaving the Color Blindness Benefit {that I talked him into attending} to say that I think surely he will get to try on the color correcting glasses and he should FaceTime me {since he slipped away while the boys were napping and we couldn’t go along as a family like I had hoped}. He explained that he had just declined wearing the glasses and despite my urging, he told me he did not want to go back and experience it because it was a big deal to me and he didn’t want me to miss it. {Shocked, I had to make a couple calls to see if anyone thought he may have lost his mind because trying on those glasses has been something he’s been talking about for years!}

Red-Green Color Blind - Fruit

The Feeling of Being Gotten

When he arrived at home I looked at him in awe and reiterated just how shocked I was that he did not try on the life-changing glasses. In the most sincere and innocent way he looked at me; he said, “I know it means a lot to you and I did not want to experience it without you.” I blinked back tears and quickly gave him my most tender hug–as if he had no idea tears would be streaming from emotional me. I probably swooped in with my hug about as quick as his arms flung around me in a welcome embrace the moment I met him. [Yes, my husband Italian-hugged me as he introduced himself by name; later that night he said he’d never done that, he just felt overcome.] Back to the story today: Standing in the kitchen with my arms around his neck, he said, “I love you.” As if I might need convincing. [Insert numerous heart-eyed emojis here.]

The other night I went to dinner with some mom friends and I described to one of the moms that almost indescribable feeling of “being gotten” by one’s spouse, and I asked if she knew what I meant. She did. She proceeded to share her most recent experience in which she and her husband were in different cities during the Eclipse’s Totality, yet both their worlds sort of shifted in those brief seconds of the Total Eclipse. 

Today I long more than ever for that moment when my husband sees the world as I’ve tried to describe it and he just gets it–at first sight. {Now, am I going to have to change up some of my home color scheme once he can see all the jewel tones as clearly as me? Lol, I don’t know yet. But I sometimes I do have guests ask me how gotten away with my color palette and they laugh when I simply say, “My husband is color blind”. 😉 } Anyway, can’t wait till the day we see a rainbow together and it looks as brilliant to him as it does to me!

Red-Green Color Blind - Balloons

Love is Blind

Love is shown in so many ways, and I cannot imagine a more technicolor form of expression from my husband who has been forwarding me articles on the spectacles for years and talking about wanting these special glasses so that he can see all the colors of the rainbow. He is not a gushy guy, so his actions demonstrate his love the most…and leaving the glasses without gazing through them was a really noteworthy, touching and selfless act of his love for me.

He loves fall like no other because it is the only time of year where nature has color variance that he can see {such as trees and plants with very deep hues.} For that very reason, he planted a burning bush next to the porch of our first house. Regardless, briefly standing at this outdoor event for color blind people today, he was willing to wait–or even miss out altogether–on the chance of seeing what his favorite season “really” looks like. Because of little ole me! #loveisblind

Red-Green Color Blind - Autumn
What My Husband Sees | What I See


Hue Gotta Admit, It’s Wild

According to Brill Eye Center: “To the color blind, the world appears dull, washed out and some colors are indistinguishable; like purple and blue. To them, red roses look dead, pink looks gray; red and green stoplights appear whitish; red looks brown and peanut butter green.” Can you imagine?

“Did you know that 8% of men and 1 in 100 women are color blind?”

Thanks to Brill Eye Center for giving him the potential opportunity to win a pair of EnChroma glasses in a drawing! ?? Friends and family, if you love color even half as much as I do {and you’ve seen my home here on the blog so you know my love for it}, please cross your fingers for him in the comments below!

Red-Green Color Blind - Fall



P.S. He doesn’t have social media, therefore when I post the occasional gushy post (here or on other social channels) about him going above and beyond, he is one of the last to know…so it is too late for him to be modest. ?  #humblebragonthehubs

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