Friday Favorites: Frugal, Funky Flea Market Finds for Fun

Fave Friday Events:

The historic West Bottoms in Kansas City is an entertainment district chock-full of landmark buildings filled with numerous permanent stores, oodles of shopping, cafes, haunted attractions, food trucks, and more. Then on the First Friday (and the rest of those weekends), there is oodles of shopping opportunities set up on the sidewalks, alleys and streets! Some of my favorite shops are all of them! Haha! No, but seriously…each location offers one-of-a-kind charm and wonder just waiting to be discovered!

For my four-year old, a fun part {besides the live band and footlong corn dog} is going up, up and up to higher floors or down, down and down to sub-level treasures! To him, the only thing better than walking all the stairs is taking the freight elevators! And luckily my mom and I were able to take turns venturing farther into the belly of the shopping beasts while one of us stayed with my 1.5 year old in his stroller. 🙂

Some of the Funky Bunch

First Fridays KC
A Few Funky Favorites from First Fridays KC

It is no coincidence that you’ll also see some of my First Fridays finds below; I thought it’d be fun to share them!

Fave Accessory:

Our fam of four adores this step-activated illuminating rug I picked up from Easy, Tiger in the West Bottoms. Along with this unique rug {$25 since it was 50% off}, I also picked up a fun macrame meets hand-painted ceramic planter {$12 at 50% off} for Baby 3’s upcoming nursery as well as the gray planter with turquoise lining {$15 at 50% off} shown on the countertop in the fern picture below. LOVE! #supportlocal

Lighted Floor 9 doormat with step-activated lights.

Illuminated Floor 9 doormat with step-activated lights.
Illuminated Floor 9 doormat with step-activated lights.

This funky retail location offers vintage-y finds with a modern twist. The doors have been around for about a year and a half, although the brand preceded the shop opening. Aside from their signature glassware, they also sell greeting cards, home decor items and T-shirts. Ya gotta check it out! 

Here’s a 30 second photo/video montage I made out of love for this place:

Fave Vintage Find:

This slatted wooden chair gives me an instant mid-century vibe which is why I immediately fell for it at First Fridays in August! My mom was interested in checking out the flea market-type event and I was eager to take her {and my two little boys}. As we made our way through an alley while heading back to the car, I spotted this $12 blonde chair and had to have it!

Racking my brain for a home for it, I couldn’t come up with its final resting place in my house, so I did what any impluse-buyer would do–I got it anyway. : | I mean, I knew I’d quickly give this maple {?} beauty a rightful place of honor and I think I did OK. I considered the corner shown immediately below but that was already home to my chevron slipper chair that I think is well-suited for the space. And this would have been more black metal than one corner could handle–what with the bejeweled starburst on the wall, the wire side table and the wire-framed chair and all.

Fern and Mid-Century Wooden Chair Love | My Life Space Moments

Also, at first sight I immediately envisioned placing the huge fern {I had to run back and get after retracing some of my steps} on top of the chair somewhere in the heart of the house. I had to think harder, or rather, I had to begin moving the chair around a tad. And then the spot pictured below struck me.

Fave Plant:

The ferocious, furry Boston Fern {$10} gets my love–despite the accompanying neon green caterpillars that seem to have hitchhiked from Florida {based on my online research}. To date, I have only discovered two green creepy-crawlies but I keep watching the fronds like a hawk to see if there are more nibblers making a snack of my girl.

Fern and Watering Can | My Life Space Moments

Now, is it sad that my fern’s long, shaggy mane blocks most of the view of this wooden beaut? Yes. But I rather enjoy the pairing. Do you? I may like it better if I could see it from a side angle but as for now there is no great secondary space for these two that would not be jutting out into the room. This spot is inconspicuous enough that my tiny tot forgets about it most of the time.

Fave DIY:

To up the enjoyment factor on watering all of my plants, I made a vinyl decal for my vintage-inspired watering can! More on this DIY can be found in my last post, Watering Can Keep Ferns Alive. {P.S. It’s only been a month but the fern still looks healthy, right?}


What is your favorite flea market find or pairing that gives you Good Ju Ju?

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