Watering Can Keep Your Ferns Alive and Perk You Up

I’ve never been great about watering plants and part of it may be my automatic assumption that I won’t be willing or able to keep the plants alive. But as an eternal optimist in a lot of regards, I presume there will be a day when I do keep plants alive so I keep trying! {Like a few months ago when I bought this  IKEA “snake plant” to display in the white planter pictured below–still alive and well!} One key ingredient seems to be water, so I wanted to find a way to make that a cheery task. Enter the watering can.

Watering Can + Fern Love = Good

Fern in its Place of Honor | My Life Space Moments

Enter Watering Can Flare

In 2012, I loved this mid-century style watering can so much, I bought a cactus green one for my work office as well. It was one of my finer moments. Now, letting the office palm trees and other plants slide was not one of my finer moments…especially when my predecessor had left the company to start a landscaping business with her husband. What, I had never had a real interest in horticulture when I was hired and didn’t assume keeping the plants alive was part of the job description. I tried, but I think I needed to Google the care needs of each plant species to better care for their individual needs. Hey, five years later some of those office plants were still alive, so that counts for something, right?! And I bought myself a palm tree this summer that I’ve managed to keep alive for a few months, so I have something figured out right now….

Mid-Century Style Watering Can | My Life Space Moments

Anyway, back to my watering can. To up the enjoyment factor on watering all of my summer plants, over the Labor Day weekend I made a vinyl decal for my vintage-inspired water can! In my Friday Faves last week, I talked about the Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine which allows a user to cut designs out of what I think is about 100 different types of materials. If you splurge for the monthly/annual subscription of Cricut Access, you are privy to some 30,000 images, 1,000s of projects and over 170 fonts. And you can even access all that goodness from an app on your phone while watching TV with your husband and eating popcorn if you crave it nightly as a pregnant woman.

Using Cricut Access, I customized the scale of the “Hello Sunshine Drink Tray and Coasters” project to make the cut image you see below. I may use the smaller shiny suns {that I cut from the project files} for mug flare instead of drink coasters, but we shall see. For now, I will bask in the cheeriness of my watering can as the days get shorter. {Cue another blog post on the “end of summer days”.}

Sad Fact
Last fall I had two huge ferns in tall, tapered turquoise planters that flanked my garage door. They did not fare well with little water on my part and nearly direct sun. I guess those elements are not pleasing for ferns. So I gave them bad haircuts and put them on my back patio for them to consider a second life. They are still thinking about it.
Interesting Fact
Now I have found two neon-green, full-bellied {presumably} Floridian caterpillars chomping on the fronds of my Boston ferns. Apparently these are common, but I am not ready to use chemicals on them. I’m looking into essential oils they may not favor that I hope the fern doesn’t mind…feel free to send non-toxic suggestions!

Stay tuned for this week’s Friday Faves when I share my highlights of First Fridays in KC! I’ll touch on my love of the monthly evening events in the Crossroads Art District {like when my hubs took me on a date there on Friday}, and I will focus in on a few of the items from First Fridays in the West Bottoms flea market finds. {HINT: Got a steal of a deal on this interesting wooden, mid-century chair and the fern as well as the turquoise-lined gray planter on the counter!}

Fern and Watering Can | My Life Space Moments

Besides giving your plants lots of drinks, what are your best plant care tips?


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