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Most of my adult life I have said, “I’m not a coffee person yet, but I like frou-frou coffee drinks” that don’t have a heavy coffee flavor. The word “yet” is key there because I kept feeling like one day I would be a real adult and begin drinking coffee. Lol. {Do you ever have that feeling like you have not fully reached adulthood because of a couple of factors?!} While I have never wanted to become addicted to caffeine to get me through a day {–too late–}, I did want to venture into the world of making my own coffee so I wouldn’t come to rely on the incredibly sugary, high carb drinks from coffeehouses. Not to mention, making my own coffee would mean I’d become a real adult and also would be saving money on my home-brewed iced or hot coffee!

So, I’ve tried to explain this to my husband, a non-coffee drinker, though I hope you’ll understand this better. For me, drinking a chilled or hot coffee beverage is a five senses experience. Whether I’m in the coffee shop or at home, I like hearing and observing the brewing process. Then I love grabbing that warm drink between my chilly hands or cupping my blended beverage on a warm day. And I think we coffee drinkers understand the allure of the aroma as well as the taste sensation.

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Dark Bean Daydream from DripJoy Coffee for 'A' | My Life Space Moments
Dark Bean Daydream from DripJoy Coffee for ‘A’ | My Life Space Moments

For my Christmas list, I picked out a Keurig 2.o Coffee Maker Brewing System in a Target-exclusive minty color called Oasis. I thought it’d look beautiful next to the white kitchen cabinets, oversized white subway tile, and atop the quartz countertop. The only thing was I kept it new in the box for a couple of months because I hadn’t reached adult status yet. Then in February when I was contacted by DripJoy regarding an opportunity to try their coffee pods, I knew this was my chance!! The DripJoy representative shared that DripJoy is a new subscription service they launched aimed at perfecting the single serve coffee experience, and he said he thought it would be a perfect fit for My Life Space Moments. {“YES!” I screamed in my head!} 

To provide my review here, I was pleased to try two flavors. I began by heading over to DripJoy.com and completing the brief survey to see how I could customize a subscription plan and thus select my boxes of coffee.

My Selection of DripPods from DripJoy Coffee | My Life Space Moments
My Selection of DripPods from DripJoy Coffee | My Life Space Moments

Turns out I selected my boxes based on what they are called and the description provided. 🙂  See, this line of products is a perfect fit for My Life Space Moments because linguistics really grab me. I’m the gal who can’t pick out a paint color without sizing up the name first to ensure it’s a match for my space. Similarly, I choose nail colors based on 1) color and 2) the name they are given, and I’m inclined to favor some boutiques over others due to their moniker. If you have a funky handle on social media, I’m likely to follow you. I may fall prey to judging a book by it’s title, but I try to give it the benefit of the doubt. And I totally am a victim of attention-seeking headlines, so those bogus articles pull me in sometimes. {I thought for sure Friends was coming back for a reunion season this fall!}

Dark Bean Daydream from DripJoy Coffee | My Life Space Moments
Dark Bean Daydream from DripJoy Coffee | My Life Space Moments
Dark Bean Daydream
Notes of chocolate & light lemon w/a hint of the warm & fuzzies. 

This dark roast was downright dreamy. Every morning I looked forward to pulling the lever and watching my cup of coffee brew before my eyes. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you know that I not-so-secretly loved taking videos of the final drips of DripJoy going into my pool of coffee. {See, I like drips of DripJoy. Told you I’m a sucker for names!} But for reals, even though I doctored my drink with flavored creamer as the rookie I am, I could still taste an undertone of lemon and it gave me a hint of the warm and fuzzies. 

Simply put, I really enjoyed Dark Bean Daydream and I’d highly recommend it! Before I ordered it, the DripJoy rep told me it was an excellent choice and his favorite selection so I felt like I’d be well taken care of with these JoyPods. Others must agree because it has a satisfaction rating of five stars on the website. Morning Joy, I’ll give you five stars as well! 

Morning Joy
A cheerful blend of smoke cedar, lemon and happiness. 

While I did enjoy the flavor of this medium/dark roast, Dark Bean Daydream would not be in my top two choices {and I have only tried two flavors so far}. I can’t be sure I could taste the smoky cedar undercurrent, but it seemed like I could catch a faint whiff of it before I added creamer. The exuding emittance of happiness in every ceramic mugful was the highlight {perhaps because I felt like I was adulting with my travel mug o’ coffee}, but the joy of the lemon flavor was soured by my experience with these JoyPods. Read on and you’ll see.

According to the box of the single serving cups as well as the DripJoy rep, all of their coffee pods are K-Cup compatible with a single serve brewer such as “2.0 Brewing Systems”. However, in my experience with Morning Joy my box of coffee pods were compatible to an extent. Allow me to explain. Since I had a 24-count box to sample, I was able to troubleshoot my issue and determined a pattern (which led to a solution). Unfortunately the Morning Joy pods left ground coffee in the bottom of my cup every time; that was not something I could change with adjusting my approach.

However, a bigger challenge was that any time I brewed more than 8 ounces {whether trying for 10 ounces in one brewing or going for 8+4 in two brews} I would get one of two error messages on my machine. It would say, “Oops! This pod wasn’t designed for this brewer. Please try one of the hundreds of pods with the Keurig® logo.” Or it would say, “Sorry, brew interrupted. Water under pressure. Slowly open handle. To reset, remove pod and lower handle. Perform Needle Maintenance if problem persists…” Now, I alternated between Morning Joy and Dark Bean Daydream but the problem only persisted with Morning Joy. Therefore, I recommend that if you subscribe to this flavor, plan on only making 8 ounces of coffee with each DripPod.

Morning Joy from DripJoy Coffee as Entrepreneur Fuel | My Life Space Moments
Morning Joy from DripJoy Coffee as Entrepreneur Fuel | My Life Space Moments

May your coffee

Kick in before

Reality does.

Today’s conversation was sponsored by DripJoy. All opinions, suggestions and tips are my own.

K, now’s the part where I like to hear from you! Can you share with us a bit about your favorite coffee experience? 

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  1. Michaela says:

    Love the names!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Yeah, they are pretty fun!

  2. Merri Schneider says:

    Your coffee chatter makes me want to get a cup of my own right now!

  3. I love that coffee maker! I have a keurig, and love it, but it lacks cuteness! I can’t live without coffee. I am not sure why, because I am now immune to the caffeine. I will definitely check out this brand of coffee. I love to try new things.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Awesome! Glad you were able to learn about a new brand to try! Stick around for more! 😉

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