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Is there ever a better feeling than crawling into your freshly laundered covers and rubbing your smooth, shaved legs up and down your cool, summer sheets? I think not! That’s one reason I was eager to try ShaveMOB–because they advertise a “quality shave”! And considering I am known in my fam for taking long showers, I like a nice showering experience. 🙂

Speaking of creating a nice showering experience, note the bluetooth speaker in my shower (below). One of my fave pastimes (in this decade) has been listening to podcasts, so of course I enjoy squeezing in more listening time in my shower sessions! Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my fave podcasts by category!

The Perfectionist Razor - ShaveMOB
“The Perfectionist” Razor – ShaveMOB

Great Shave, Great Price

Now back to the shaving experience. Before receiving the 100% recycled package in the mail, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this product line. However, once I laid eyes on the 6-blade beauties I had a feeling they’d be leaving me with a good feeling. And I was right! 

I had read that ShaveMOB uses low-impact packaging to reduct their envoronment footprint which I thought was pretty cool…and they also offer free shipping! Who doesn’t love that combo?!

This Perfectionist Loves The Perfectionist - ShaveMOB
This Perfectionist Loves “The Perfectionist” from ShaveMOB

The Perfectionist

“The 6 blade razor provides the perfect shave in the shortest amount of time,” says ShaveMOB. And they’re right. In fact, they are right about all of the features of “The Perfectionist” razor too


  • 6 stainless steel, precision-cut blades
  • Optional Flexible head for a perfect-smooth around curves
  • Lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil
  • Non-clogging Flow-through blade design
  • Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle
  • Replaceable cartridge razor
  • Non-slip handle

While all of these features are nice, most notable during the otherwise mindless act of shaving was the flexible head on curves like the contours of the knees; and the pivoting head offers more range of motion. Ok, and the non-clogging blade design–I haven’t even have to stop to rinse the stainless steel due to the flow-through angles. Fine, twist my arm to tell you more, why don’t you? The lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe and lavender oil was fantastic because I didn’t feel the need to use a shaving cream. And who really has time for shaving cream anyway?

To Flex or Not To Flex

Non Flex Head on Women's Razor Blades - ShaveMOB
Non-Flex Heads on Women’s Razor Blades – ShaveMOB

While the price difference is minimal between cartridge with the flex head ($1.58) and the cartridge without the flex head ($1.37), I prefer the flex head design. It looks cool {I mean–it’s fluffy and pink like cotton candy!}, it feels good, and it seems like I’m a member of the club of those who #shavesmarter.

When looking at the pricing options for ShaveMOB’s The Perfectionist flex head cartridges, I saw that there are 3 options and the 12 Month Supply of (24) replacement cartridges is the best price. I’d feel the need to monitor how frequently I seem to need a new cartridge; although if desired, a person could space the replacements out a touch and then just delay their refill order at the end of 12 months. To better understand, check out the deets below.

ShaveMOB Revolution
Shave Smarter with ShaveMOB #shavesmarter

How ShaveMOB Works

Select Your Razor
Don’t worry, all their blades work with all of their handles so you aren’t stuck.
Choose Your Supply
Each supply gives you two cartridges per month –their blades rock so you DON’T have to change often.
Save a Ton of Money
When it’s time to pay, you’ll be saving up to 70% compared to comparable premium razors.
Get Your Razor & Start Shaving
You get your entire shipment all at once, not once per month – you save on shipping, packing, and handling.
Reorder When Your Supply is Low
ShaveMOB will send you an email. Simply click “Confirm”. If you want to change your order, it’s easy.
Incite the MOB
Share the love! Get your friends to buy and earn cool stuff.

So, whether you start out with a Starter Kit like me or you order men’s razors to give them a whirl, I’m sure you or your loved one will be pleasantly surprised as well! 

To join the ShaveMOB revolution and #shavesmarter, you can use this coupon code for $1 off your order: inthemob

Share with us! What do you look for in a razor?

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