Chatbooks: Capturing Moments for Mothers to Cherish

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There, I said it: this is for us! The mothers! Come be indulgent with me over here while we talk about doing something for ourselves–like Chatbooks. I have more white chocolate to go around, so I’ll break you off a square while you get cozy on the couch next to me. And I even have a promo code for you below that is sure to please this Mother’s Day!

Chatbooks Display Idea 2

Do It for You

Yes, one day your kids will cherish their little bound books. But right now these magical moments on paper are for you, Mom. {And for Dad.} You want to see your photos make their way off your iPhone camera roll, your SD card, your computer and/or your external hard drive. Though you just can’t bring yourself to invest hours into making scrapbooks like you used to do {or like you dreamed you always would for your family}. Chatbooks are for moms who work and moms who stay at home–‘cuz “ain’t nobody got time for that” stuff that requires a ton of {thankless} behind-the-scenes hours. We would rather be spending our time living….and making more memories.

So let’s do that.

Chatbooks Display Idea 3

Want these printables? Here is where you can find them:

You are meant for this moment by Moving Mountains Handmade | South Bend, Indiana

Collect moments not things by VIGColour

Give Yourself Permission

It’s time to take the easier path. I’m reminding myself here as well. Too many times we think we have to go the complicated route to get the bigger “wow-factor” in life…like the over-the-top Valentine’s Day boxes or the souped-up science project. {Yes, I’m sure I will fall prey to these traps too…because it’s kinda fun to make extravagant projects with kiddos.} It’s time to give yourself permission to take the easier path.

Chatbooks Display Idea 4

Presenting: Chatbooks

Here is what makes these little flipbooks so simple!

Make your first book in 30 seconds

It takes just 30 seconds to set up your Photo Book Series—then the rest of the work is done for you.

Print your everyday

When it’s this easy–and only $8–you don’t have to save photo books for memories of vacations and holidays. Taco Tuesday, snowball fight, Sunday selfies all have a place in your Chatbooks.

Include captions, dates, and locations

Automatically include the details you want–but with zero decisions to make about pesky things like formatting.

$8. Free shipping.

Start a Series, and pay just $8 every time you add 60 photos. Upgrade to Hardcover for just $5 more, or add a set of Bonus Prints for $2. All the things you want, in one low price.

Download the app to see for yourself! Here is my referral link. And don’t miss my promo code below! ?

Chatbooks Series

Instagram Series

Automatically turn your Instagram posts into 60 page photo books.

Facebook Series

Turn your Facebook photo albums into 60 page photo books, complete with captions!

Favorites Series

You don’t need social media to Chatbook—tap your favorite phone photos to add to a Series.

My Chatbooks Display Ideas

Click each image for a description!

Give Yourself a Gift

Today through Mother’s Day, you can give yourself a gift by using my Chatbooks promo code with my referral link: MOMMOMENTS to get 10% off or your first book in a series free! Just remember, my promo code is only live through Mother’s Day 2017, so act today and you’ll have your book before you know it!! {Or send this to your hubs to drop a gift hint. Or make a book for Grandma in time for Mother’s Day!}

Chatbooks Display Idea 5

I get Chatbooks in the way that Chatbooks gets me: simply. I invite you to do the same this Mother’s Day! 🙂


Live every moment.

Laugh every day.

Love beyond words.


Tell me, how do you display your Chatbooks? Or how do you Chatbook? Contact me on Instagram or comment below. I’d love to be inspired by YOU!!

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  1. Merri says:

    Chatbooks look really great! What an awesome gift to give a parent or grandparent! And your display ideas are really creative!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Thanks! I will definitely have to create some Chatbooks for coffee table gifts! It is so fun making Chatbooks, and it was so fun coming up with display ideas!!

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