Just Keep Swimming: Dory Summer Printables Display

“Summer is fast approaching!”, says the weather every day! As my husband mows the lawn and mulches our landscaping beds, my kiddos rest in their beds after a long day of birthday partying yesterday! And I recuperate by writing this post on my Dory Summer Printables Display. 🙂

Dory Summer Printables:

It was my son’s 4th birthday this week and he couldn’t have been more thrilled to see his Dory and Nemo party take shape! The thing was, he only got 24 hours to watch it unfold before his eyes because his momma was preoccupied earlier in the week with his actual birthday and other such, and the weekend prior was Easter! Therefore, this summer printables display and DIY Ocean Air Plant Wreath came together hours before the guests arrived! {See below for the 1-step DIY!}

So the night before the party, I looked at my Favorited Dory and Nemo printables on Etsy and was drawn to this trio (below)! 

DIY Ocean Air Plant Wreath and Printables Display
Ocean Air Plant Wreath paired with painted ceramic starfish and “Just Keep Swimming” printables! {Click pic for link}

Paula at Gray Frames Design was fantastic to work with and quickly shot me the printables! Saved in the nick of time because I wanted these Disney Quotable prints for the Dory birthday party but also for a summer-long display! Sure, we will have the Fourth of July sneak in there, but otherwise it’ll be fun to have this little “Just Keep Swimming” reminder throughout the warm, sunny days!  ?‍♀️ LoVe!!! Click the image for more details on how to nab these Dory summer printables yourself so you can have daily ocean inspiration too!

How to Make a DIY Ocean Air Plant Wreath:

DIY Ocean Air Plant Wreath
DIY Ocean Air Plant Wreath


  1. Faux or real air plants, $2.99/each
  2. Letter ‘O’ or in my case a ‘U’, $0.70/each


  1. Take (4) faux or real air plants and insert them into the slots on the swirly font ‘U’ or find a plant-safe glue and adhere them to an “O”. Easy single step, right? 
Easter Shadow Box Mobile | {My Life Space Moments} @ AshleyCamber.com
Easter Shadow Box Mobile with Air Plants {Click to See!}

When life gets you down do you

Wanna know what you’ve gotta do?

Just Keep Swimming!

Just Keep Swimming!

Just Keep Swimming!

~ Dory

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  1. Ashley Cagle says:

    Super cute! I love that quote from the movie! Oh, where did you find the shelf for your oils? Or did you make it?

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Hey Ashley! Thanks for the compliment! Yes, it’s a great quote! The shelf is from IKEA and it is the Bekvam Spice Rack for only $4!!

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