Craft Menu Board: How to Plan Your DIYs and Make This

Some of us have seen the cute menu boards crafters make to use in their kitchen. Well, others of us are just inspired by those boards–and those menus for that matter! 😉  Here is a DIY Craft Menu Board that will let creatives plan just enough in advance to have the supplies but not stifle the flow of spontaneous creative juices!

Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @
DIY Craft Menu Board with Idea Box and Shopping List

The Plan for the Plan

Ever heard of a Craft Menu Board? I haven’t either! That’s the fun of it! I figured the craft menu board would be a great touch to pair with the kids’ creation station I recently set up as a surprise for them, so I decided to hang it above the cabinet with the Bermuda Blending technique. That way we can see at-a-glance what we have on the docket to anticipate.

I think my plan will be to have a project on the craft menu board every other day of the week so that it allows for me to work on weekday projects for up to two days and weekend projects for up to three days (Friday through Sunday). This should allow for enough balance with our social engagements and household obligations. 🙂  

How to Make a Craft Menu Board

As a starting point, I modeled my craft menu board off of a DIY menu board which was modeled off of a different one. 🙂 You can use cork board, but I had no issue using up leftover plywood. It gave me the thickness I was after and it could be cut to the dimension I wanted.

Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @

Keeping it simple, I chose elements that coordinate with my modern home decor and color palette. I found the weekday clothespins at Hobby Lobby in the middle section toward the entrance. In fact, I bought all my supplies from there except my many types of adhesives.



  1. Cut fabric to size, wrap it around the board and hot glue it in place.
  2. Repeat step one with ribbon(s).
  3. Attach day-of-the-week clothespins to the ribbon.
  4. Cut strips of scrapbook paper for the craft activities and then cut smaller strips of plain printer paper. I layer these so that my glittery scrapbook paper is acting as a mat behind the white paper.
    • Together these make your craft activity/project strips. Consider laminating them before writing on them so that you can use a dry erase marker, rendering them reusable for years of crafts to come! [I will be laminating mine this week.]
    • Also, you may use scrapbook paper(s) as a mount for your Post-It notes. Otherwise, there is a printable for that as well.
  5. Empty a spaghetti box and cut it based on the size of strips you’ll place inside. [I thought this would be a fun peek-a-boo element. 🙂 ]
  6. Using a heavy duty glue stick, cover the shortened spaghetti box with scrapbook paper and use a binder clip to hold it in place. Hold it up to the light so you can trace the outline of the “window”. Then cut a hole in the paper in order to see in the “window”.
  7. Run permanent mounting tape down the back of the menu sign, shopping list mount, and the spaghetti box (now an “idea box”) and stick them in place on the board.

Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @

DIY Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @
Outfitting an “idea Box” for the DIY Craft Menu Board
Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @

What’s on the Menu?

So, what’s on the craft menu for next week? It’s all about Easter, Bunny! We will make any tweaks to our Easter egg cupcakes, update a couple wreaths for Easter, and do some egg crafts!! I am eggs-static and I know my little S will be too! The following week we will begin our DIYs for his themed birthday party in April. Can’t wait!

Craft Menu Board | My Life Space Moments @
DIY Craft Menu Board with Idea Box and Shopping List

What are your craft plans for this week? Do tell, do tell in the comments below!

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