St. Patrick’s Day Art & DIY Shadow Box Mobile

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Wishin’ you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold! Today I’m bringin’ ya a two-post Etsy roundup of St. Patrick’s Day products! This post includes a roundup of brilliant St. Patrick’s Day art from Etsy and a mini video tutorial demonstrating how to catch a spritely leprechaun. And because it’s me, I couldn’t help but to throw in a quick DIY project. 🙂  The second post will include product reviews of St. Patty’s adult and infant clothing as well as a pot o’ gold kid’s activity!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Below you’ll find the how-to on this DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box Mobile made with a fun ?   Rainbow Cloud Pillow. 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shadow Box Mobile
DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box Mobile

But first and foremost, here is a roundup of some amazing art I collected from talented Etsy creatives! 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shadow Box Mobile

St. Patrick’s Day Art from Etsy:

I love curating collections, and Etsy lets you Favorite items and group them into lists. You can best believe each of these made my list and are marked Favorite!

Irish Blessing ~ St. Patrick's Day Printable | Nine Seven Co., Ormond Beach, Florida
Irish Blessing ~ St. Patrick’s Day Printable | Nine Seven Co., Ormond Beach, Florida

First up is the above digital download with a beautiful Irish Blessing. This St. Patrick’s Day printable comes in two color options and two sizes–5×7 and 8×10. I printed it in color as an 8×10 and I’m very pleased with this size for my St. Patty’s art gallery. Even though I intend to use this print for temporary, annual display, I think it is a message folks can leave up long after St. Patrick’s Day, amiright? The printable’s color is simple and easy on the eyes, and the varying colors on the fonts are so appealing!

I LOVE that the message wishes happiness to come through one’s door because I have this hanging right in my entryway. Don’t you love a subtle nod like that?! Click the image above to walk into the shop door of this delightful designer, Denise; her shop, Nine Seven Co., is chock full of spunky pieces with personality to go around! I dare you to try and find just one of her products that describes you. Hint: It’s impossible because so many of them are relatable–and laughable at that!


Lucky Art ~ St. Patrick's Day Printable | Happy Hippo Arts, Vancouver, Canada
Lucky Art ~ St. Patrick’s Day Printable | Happy Hippo Arts, Vancouver, Canada

This instant happy art is fun for the holiday and comes as a digital download with 3 jpg files included in the zip folder: 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14. I printed this lucky sign at OfficeDepot since I was already across the street shopping at Hobby Lobby for the craft below. The print came out beautifully and makes for lovely party decor for St. Patty’s! I am tempted to print this as an 11×14 and use it as part of my mantle display next year. Might just have to watch and see… 😉 I could also see myself printing the 5×7 size and making postcards to mail to peeps as my way of saying “break a leg” in support of big events in their lives! 

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you always!

Michelle, the artist at Happy Hippo Arts, is a pleasure to work with, and her prints are just darling! Don’t take my word for it. Get lucky and grab the above print by clicking the lettered image or to view her other listings! You won’t be disappointed when you find TONs of inspiration for upcoming baby gifts and more!


Lucky Clover ~ Ink & Watercolor Painting | oinkartprints, Barcelona, Spain
Lucky Clover ~ Ink & Watercolor Painting | oinkartprints, Barcelona, Spain

Will you just take another look at this stunning illustration?! Scroll up. I thought it was a good-looking fine art print online, but it is gorgeous in person with such vivid colors on the textured paper! My experience is giclee is always more striking when it is in front of you, and clearly Vicki, the artist at oinkartprints, is very talented! This wall art is like jewelry for the walls. Oh! And I should mention it comes in a lovely multi-colored print as well…I nearly chose that one because of my signature colors–pink and purple–but I couldn’t help loving how the blue and green played off each other in the shamrock painting shown. 

Click the image above to get your hands on this mixed-art four-leaf clover! I was overjoyed to receive my giclée painting in the mail; whether it is this or one of her other show-stopping pieces, you will be overjoyed too! What a gallery of choices there are to select from!


How to Catch a Leprechaun:

Spritely Leprechaun with St. Patrick's Day Art
Spritely Leprechaun with St. Patrick’s Day Art


St. Patrick’s Day Art: DIY Shadow Box Mobile

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shadow Box Mobile



  • Falling Gold ~ This is simple! Take the gold pom poms and thread them on your monofilament illusion cord. It’s that easy! At first I was going to use a needle and thread and then I decided I wanted to try this look…I was tickled as punch when the fuzzy creatures just slid right over the illusion cord! Then just use clear tape to adhere the cords to the top of an open-front shadow box.
  • Rainbow Cloud Pillow ~ We made this rainbow cloud pillow with the help of Kiwi Crate! Kiwi Crate, Inc. has the perfect subscription service to bring crafts to your little ones’ front door! We have a Koala Crate subscription for our little guy and we have been enjoying making several crafts each month based around the theme of that month! Hands down, these age-appropriate crafts and activities have built my child’s creative confidence to epic proportions! He’s oozing with imagination and creativity, almost preferring “activity time” to free play! He asks me all the time if we can do a Koala Crate activity. We heart #koalacrate and I know you will too! 🙂

This magical rainbow cloud pillow came into our home at the perfect time! About a year ago I had recently finished sewing and hand-stitching cloud pillows for our unborn baby’s hot air balloon themed nursery, and my toddler asked me if he too could have a cloud pillow for his room. That afternoon while he napped a Koala Crate showed up on our front porch and it contained all the pre-cut essentials to make this rainbow cloud pillow. Can you believe it? How lucky was I?! My boy was thrilled and so was I to see his excitement! And look–it can double as St. Patrick’s Day art!

Feel free to ask me any questions about our Kiwi Crate experience or about my experience working with the charming, above-listed Etsy shop owners! I welcome any and all comments below. 🙂 Stay tuned for the second post featuring my top Etsy clothing picks and a gold-collecting kids’ activity to do with wee lads!

“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”



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  1. Deb E says:

    I love the Lucky Clover Ink & Watercolor Painting print since blues and greens are my fave colors. Rainbows make me smile so they are a must every day. What a cute cloud pillow. Happy St Patty’s Day!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Isn’t that print charming?! And rainbows make me smile too. 🙂 Happy St. Patty’s Day to you as well!

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