Organizing Your Way: It’s Your Space

At the start of each year, I go into organizing mode and it cannot be stopped! This year I was envisioning how convenient it would be to have a cubby for each family member and/or with specified purposes as a drop zone when we come into the house from our daily adventures. With Thirty-One Gifts, I truly achieved all my objectives! Make sure to read all the way through to get to the giveaway contest at the end!
Enter Into My Life Space ~ Organizing My Way | My Life Space Moments @

With that being said, let me begin by illustrating the prior state of organization (or lack thereof). Then I’ll tell you how Thirty-One Gifts helped us create new, better habits for the whole family starting with when we walk in the door each day!!! Since we enter into this space nearly 100% of the time when we arrive home, it is a very critical space to set the tone for the rest of the day/night.

Organizing Your Way ~ It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @

Before these Thirty-One products entered our life space, we would just use the flat surfaces inside our door from our garage as a “drop zone” or “dumping zone”. My husband would bring in droves of toys collected by the kiddos on every trip in the car, I’d bring in flyers from events and preschool bags and papers. He’d want to vacuum the cars so he’d bring in castoff clothing or other items that hadn’t gotten returned yet. I’d bring in my reusable water bottles, purse, diaper bag, and more. 

And we’d just plop it down on the bench till one of us had both of the kids settled in the house from bringing them inside from the car. Except that life would get in the way and we’d have to come back to that bench when ‘x’ other things got finished first. Well, as you can imagine, it felt like it was a zone we always had to keep up with or we would get behind. [Sorry, my before pictures are devoid of clutter but we can just use our imaginations. Enjoy the white space instead.] 
When it came to organizing our “boot bench” (as the builder calls it) or our built-in bench and shelves, I knew I would want versatile pieces that can change with our needs all the while reflecting my/our style. 😉  I aimed for a striking, yet functional presentation of organized goods, and I think I achieved it with the huge help of the quality Thirty-One Gifts items I chose. The products listed below help us corral our goods in a way that is functional and beautiful, which is huge for me since I’ve been known to put form over function in the past. [Shoulder shrug.] To see just how we sort all of the jewels that come in from outside so they have a proper home and to see how the outdoor treasures that come in find their way back outside, press on. 
 Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @

Organizing: I Did It My Way

For me, organizing has to be fun, it has to improve a space, and it has to provide sustainable solutions–otherwise it’s just not worth doing. Twenty fabulous products to achieve all of my objectives: 
• 6 Your Way Bins in Pink Water Hyacinth 
• 2 Chalk It Up chalk holders and chalk
Organizing Your Way ~ It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @

Your Way Bins

I LOVE these all-natural, handcrafted cubbies even more in person than I did when I saw them online and in the catalog! It is clear that Thirty-One Gifts is passionate about designing products that suit many styles. My style is a bit eclectic though largely modern. Your Way Bins in renewable Water Hyacinth are just gorgeous, and you can choose from Water Hyacinth (without color-blocking), or the two color-blocked options–Pink Water Hyacinth or Navy Water Hyacinth. Personally, I super dig color-blocking and I adore pink so it was an easy choice for me! There are only so many spaces I decorate with pink given that I’m a boy mom, so I embrace my signature color where I can!! And can I get an “Oh yeah, Baby!” for the chalkboard panels that come affixed on the woven baskets? So cute!! I was quick to label the bins so we always know whose stuff is in each at-a-glance.
As you can see, we have six bins to choose from so we have storage options. What would you put in each of the bins? Leave a comment below for two entries to win your own bin! 🙂

Your Way Rectangle Baskets   

Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @
Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @
For those who saw my Snapchat or Instagram Stories the day these boxes arrived, you noticed I could not help but open up these puppies and get the baskets lined and shelved right away! The Water Hyacinth Basket Weave is stunning and appears elegantly natural to me. Even though I enjoy elegance, for an interesting juxtaposition I chose the Candy Corners fabric for the Your Way Rectangle Basket Liners. It’s a new print which I get a kick out of and I’m jazzed when I gaze at the ikat-like pattern! The cut-out handles on both the baskets and the liners make it convenient to slide my baskets in and out of their home base for quick micro- organizing efforts.
Lastly, but certainly not least noteworthy is the personalization that customers have come to know and love Thirty-One Gifts for. Nothing customizes a purpose-driven product more than embellishments. Customers can make Thirty-One items unique by selecting their own stitched design, phrases or monograms–I know, they are all tempting choices. 
Customers can even select the embroidery color and font. If the color and font hang you up, you can look at the suggestion by fabric choice. While I did select a suggested font (without realizing it) I did not select one of the suggested thread colors. The representative I ordered with thought the charcoal would stand out well and so did I when I reviewed all the options.

My Life Space

There is no organizing without labels. As for labels on the personalized basket liners, I knew (with careful consideration) these individual action words would be just perfect:Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @

Organizing the Top Row ~ 

Exercise – For shoes, walking weights, wireless earbuds, stopwatch, jump rope, fitness “fannypack” (What? It was hot pink and in the Dollar Bin at Target!), swim goggles, mini exercise ball, resistance bands, etc. I can use when outside with the kids.
Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @
• Care – Baby or child care items that get added to the diaper bag or kids’ tote on the way out the door to save a trip upstairs when we don’t want to be late for Church, library story time and more; i.e., extra diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby lotion, mini First Aid kit, sunscreen, tissues, hand lotion, lip balm, etc.
Snack – To keep by the door for quickly grabbing non-perishables and reusable spoons on the way to soccer, play dates, the park, etc. for the days when life is too busy to run back to the pantry but no one should go hungry! Our choices include pretzels, nut mixes, rice rusks and cakes, crunchy hemp snacks, squeezable applesauce, and baked organic graham snacks.  
Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @
* The Care and Snack baskets could double as storage in the pantry, so one day you may see those bins neatly organized with snacks in the one and protein powder, supplements, every family members’ vitamins and other health-related items in the Care bin.*
Organizing Your Way: It's Your Space | My Life Space Moments @

Organizing the Bottom Row ~ 

Play – For outdoor items that came inside and are waiting to go back to the garage like the frisbee or a water gun; for items that came in from cleaning the car but haven’t returned to their “home” yet because they may be selected by me (like the selfie stick for fam pics) or a child to take back to the car, etc.
Learn – For electronics such as the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition, lap memory games, splash cards on-the-go, etc.; for bug catchers, binoculars, and other items we use during nature walks since we have a forest next to our backyard and my preschooler now wants to explore it
Bundle – For hats, mittens, gloves, handmuffs (What? I got a nice one as a gift!), scarves, etc.

We Learn, We Grow

Our house is still pretty new, so we are still learning the best way to use each of our spaces. It’s been fun to see the purposes evolve with us as our family has grown! While other areas of our home require more organizing, this space is now fun, stylish and has sustainable solutions to welcome us home.
I could NOT have been more thrilled than when I received these fabulous Thirty-One items and then to be able to tell all of you about them!!! Now it’s time for you to try to get your hands on these items for FREE! You have #thirtyone chances to win both the Your Way Bin and Your Way Rectangle Basket/Liner in the colors of your choice, so what are you waiting for?! Give it a whirl below!

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  1. Deb E says:

    I could really use an Exercise basket for all my accessories I use daily for my walks. I wear gloves, a bandana, sunglasses and a hat just to keep the hot sun off me. I take more fitness toys if I’m going to the park down the street, so I’m rounding things up when I should just get a basket like this. They look so pretty and stylish too! I also love those cute chalkboard panels.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Deb, that sounds like the perfect use for the Your Way Rectangle Basket! Way to get your fitness on! And I love those cute chalkboard panels on the Your Way Bins too. One lucky winner will win one of each product! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by again and entering for your chance to win.

  2. Michaela Braun says:

    I just used the totes to organize my closet, and was pleased with how durable and functional they are. Hoping to get more in the near future!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      That’s great, Michaela! I agree–they are so durable and functional! I’m a big fan of ’em too. 🙂

  3. Merri Schneider says:

    I love the way you set up everything! Those colors look beautiful and cheery as you enter the house. If I had those six bins, I would use one for myself, one for my husband, one for things that need to be delivered to someone, one for our extra checkbook and our church envelopes, and one for outgoing mail.

    Love the baskets too!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Thanks! I love that the colors look cheery to others as well!

      Those are great ideas for how you would use the bins! I’m glad you entered for your chance to win since I know you love organizing AND bins/baskets too! ?

  4. Jaclyn Hansen says:

    I can see those being helpful and I’ll have to look into something like that for our drop room.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Yes, they are very helpful and stylish at the same time! If you’ll have a “drop zone” (as I like to call it) in your drop room, these Your Way Bins or Rectangle Baskets are up for the job! Can’t wait to see your new space when it’s ready!!

  5. Kami says:

    I would love a space like this for all the kids things. I love thirty one and all the new spring colors. I am always trying to organize my house and new baskets are always welcome. The space looks great Ashley!

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Thanks, Kami! Thirty-One is the best! Glad to hear you love them and all the new spring colors too! I bet these prizes baskets and bins would look fab in your space! Good luck in the raffle! ?


    I’d use the product similar to the picture of the entry way or in the kids playroom.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Christy, I’m so happy for you that you won and I’d be pleased as punch if you would show me how you use the basket and bin in your space when you get your winnings settled into their new home! 🙂

  7. Coryell says:

    Love these ideas!!! I need to build a similar space in my laundry/ mudroom.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Yay!!! Glad you love these ideas! Your handy hubby would do a fine job of building you a boot bench! Now I have pretty organizational bins in my living space like you, Coryell! #twinning

  8. Jenny Ham says:

    I would use it for misc papers and bills to keep them all in one place.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      That is such a great idea, Jenny! I also use one of the Thirty-One containers for all my mailed coupons to my fave stores! 🙂

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