My Current Master Bedroom Retreat

Sharing about the feelings evoked and the personalization of my space brings me joy, so thanks for indulging me. 🙂 My Former Master Bedroom Retreat (and its paint techniques) has been one of my top posts here on, so I figured I’ve now lived here long enough that I should post about my current master bedroom. However, almost three times as popular is the post on My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art featured in that room. I’m so thrilled readers liked it! It has now found a home in the spa niche of my master bathroom.

Feelings Evoked

Despite its effervescence, this life space provides me great solace. Simultaneous with the calm that settles upon me when I enter, the sight of intense color makes me happy. Since I save this space for relaxation, I get a thrill out of walking into the sun-drenched room and seeing the bed made with all the pillows. 


We haven’t done anything crazy with the paint or trim (yet) in our master bedroom, though I hope to do something down the road. You’ll notice that we did choose to have the builder paint the tray ceiling the same as the wall color. Also, we had the main wall painted in an accent color but you cannot tell because it is only one shade darker than the main interior paint–oops! Lesson learned! I was afraid of making our accented spaces (the office, half bath, and the one wall in our master bedroom) look like caves but in the end the two shades that are one spot apart on the row of swatches are indistinguishable from each other. At some point I may paint those one shade darker but I have other projects that will take priority because they are more fun. ?

Speaking of fun, it was fun to have our master bedroom be the only space in our whole house that got to entirely retain all of its elements (outside the walls) and receive some bonus finishes. Stay tuned for the DIYs like my DIY Aluminum Lanterns and my DIY Makeup Brush Holder in an upcoming blog post on My Current Master Bathroom. In a separate post, I’ll showcase how to make my hubby’s DIY Faux Floating Shelf that’s popping up above the headboard.

I hope you enjoyed this peek behind our master bedroom door. What other life spaces will I unlock? Well, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned! ? ? ?

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