Chemical-Free and Reusable Products for My Life Space

Recently I have been exploring the world of chemical-free cleaning in search of products that will be safer for my family and better for the environment. I was very pleased when I learned about e-cloth, and I was even more pleased when I saw their line of Baby Care products! I was quick to select the 13Pc chemical-free and reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit. The kit comes with ten hand & face cloth wipes, one carry bag, one water spray bottle and one laundry bag. 

My Tiny Tot Cleaning His Chemical-Free Space
My Tiny Tot Cleaning His Chemical-Free Space | My Life Space Moments


These soft, hand & face cloth wipes are my new top choice for cleaning sticky hands and faces using just water after snack-time, mealtime, park play, play dates, preschool, shopping and more! My littles really gave these chemical-free cleaning cloths a workout by stockpiling food residue on their hands and faces, the high chair, table and island countertop! With wet paper towels (my former go-to method in the kitchen), it seems like the mess is just displaced until you swoop it up just right after multiple passes over the same area.


My main example of a mess I clean? When I let my 14 month old feed himself his peanut butter sandwich bites, he ends up with PB all over his face, hands, high chair, plate and sippy cup. Cleaning peanut butter off of those surfaces requires more elbow grease than I prefer after a full morning of activities and lunch, so by the end of that meal I’m ready to whisk my babes up the stairs for story time so we can unwind. The last thing I want to do is take twice as long to clean up, so I’m thrilled to have the grippy but smooth Hand & Face Cloth Wipes now! I can swipe up the peanut buttery mess in one fell swoop and move on with our day! Don’t believe me? Just watch this video below to see my first dry-run in this scenario. Or should I say peanut buttery run?


Aside from putting these cloth wipes to the test as shown in the second video above, so far we have had these companion cloths along with us at a couple outdoor malls, on a Target run, at the kids’ shoe store, in the kids’ center at the fitness facility and more. But I’m sure you don’t want to sit here all day watching videos of my kiddos use the e-cloth Hand & Face Cleaning Kit, so I spared you those extra stills and frames. 😉

The kits’ carry bag is a convenient and stylish pouch that contains the ten reusable cloth wipes, the drawstring mesh laundry bag and the water spray bottle. The carry bag comes with three different patterns to choose from making it more likely to suit one’s style! Further, I love that the carry bag has an easy-grab opening that operates kind of like pulling tissues out of a tissue box. Also, there is a magnetic flap at the top so you can add your fresh hand & face cloth wipes after washing them or retrieve them from the top for use.

Conveniently, the water spray bottle slides out of a mesh side pouch for quick-on-the-draw action. Then when you are ready to put your dirty cloth wipes away, you can drop the wipes in the drawstring mesh laundry bag and slip that bag back in the wide compartment on the back of the bag. With a little loop for carrying, theHand & Face Cleaning Kit is really perfect for on-the-go!

Chemical-Free & Environmentally Friendly

Needless to say, now that we are using fewer paper towels we are making our home more environmentally friendly! Of course, I thought the hardest person to convince would be my questioning husband who prefers to use paper towels mostly for the single-use factor. But I was shocked when he tested a Hand & Face Cloth Wipe for the first time and said “they really DO work!” with surprise in his voice. That only took him one use to arrive at that conclusion! 😉 He’s quite the skeptic about everything–very much a see-it-to-believe-it type–and yet he sees the power behind these little lightweight cloths! Yes, my husband has seen that there is no need to pull out a chemical-laden wipe to sterilize the surfaces our kids touch and eat on every day, all day.  

Our littles are getting so big, but we still get to protect them for awhile as their parents. Thankfully, a chemical-free e-cloth cleaning with just water protects our sweet things. According to the Children’s Environmental Health Network, reducing our use of harmful chemicals around our offspring can help us prevent them from getting illnesses, developmental disorders and even some forms of cancer. How shocking! Now there’s a new go-to cleaning choice in this house–and it’s chemical-free! For more info from the Baby Care by e-cloth Research Center, click here.

My Tiny Tot Still Needs His Mommy | My Life Space Moments
My Tiny Tot Still Needs His Mommy | My Life Space Moments

How Do They Work?

Want to know how these products work so well? I’ll leave it to e-cloth to tell you: “e-cloths clean with just water. They neither contain chemicals nor use them–it is the 3.1 million fibers per sq. inch that do the work. By combining e-cloth’s unique fiber technology with water, they break up and hold grime and bacteria, which normal cloths and wipes leave behind.” e-cloths are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, including E. coli and Listeria, from hard surfaces using only water.

While disposable wet wipes are convenient, so are e-cloth Hand & Face Cloth Wipes. The durable cloth wipes come with a 100 wash guarantee, so that’s a lot of uses! And with the e-cloth products, I know I’m not spreading germs to other surfaces or exposing my children to high and low levels of chemicals in my life space. What about your life space, you ask?

According to the World Health Organization:

“Acute and chronic, high and low-level exposures to chemicals in the environment of children may cause functional and organic damage.”

If you’re interested in reducing you and your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals, I encourage you look into e-cloth’s product line at and to sign up for e-cloth’s e-mail list. [e-cloth promises to only send emails a couple of times a month to let folks know about their promotions and you can opt out at any time. They will never sell subscribers’ email addresses and will only use them for internal marketing.]  🙂  And if you would like a chance (or 16) to win your very own chemical-free & reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit, enter the giveaway below!

More About e-cloth

I was impressed to see e-cloth has been voted as BEST Cleaning Cloth & BEST Washable Mop by REAL SIMPLE magazine. Also, their amazing products have been featured on the Today Show. How cool is that?! If you want to learn more, it’s easy to find and follow them in all the following places on social media: 



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  1. Linda Henderson says:

    In an attempt to use fewer chemicals in my home, I started cleaning with vinegar, making my own laundry detergent and using microfiber cloths several years ago. Now with the addition of essential oils I have given up other products as well. I know people that swear by Norwex and E-Cloth but have personally never tried either. Your boys appear to love the clothes, which is a plus in addition to making clean up easier.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      What great changes you adopted years ago as part of your own home and personal care, Linda! I’m right there with you–with microfiber cloths and essential oils my life space has improved as well! I really stand behind this e-cloth Hand & Face Cleaning Kit and I’m thrilled my boys love it too! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your reply, Linda!

  2. Deb E says:

    Me too with the vinegar! I bought a whole gallon yesterday since it was on sale. That’s what I like about the e-cloth products and this kit–it’s very affordable compared to the chemical products in the stores.

    1. Ashley Camber says:

      Thanks for your comment, Deb E! Vinegar is so versatile and the e-cloth products work wonders! And I agree that the e-cloth products and their Hand & Face Cleaning Kit are very affordable. Can’t beat great quality at a great price! I appreciate you stopping by!

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