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When you enter your home, do you come in through the garage or the entryway? What is that first sensory experience like when you pass through the door? What do you see and smell? Is it a pleasant experience? Does it feel like your home rises up to greet you? In this post I invite you to personalize your space and by doing so, personalize your experience.

Door Entering My Home from My Garage
Door Entering My Home from My Garage
View of Entryway When Entering from Garage
View of Entryway When Entering from Garage
One of my favorite interior designers is Nate Berkus; years ago I was fortunate enough to sit in his studio audience during a recording of his NYC-based The Nate Berkus Show. Unfortunately, the show is no longer on the air. Boy, I really loved The Nate Berkus Show. One of my favorite segments was the House Proud segment focused on people who really bought into Nate’s motto: “Your home should rise up to greet you”. If you’re interested in his high quality, low cost goods, you can find home goods by “Oprah’s favorite house whisperer” at Target. He has almost 200 items there right now and Target has carried this line for years. Anyway, this post does not include any of his items, although my home does. Another day, another post!

Watch Your Step

So why do I bring up Nate Berkus? When we really stop and think about that phrase above, we should ask ourselves, “How can my home rise up to greet me?” One way I wanted to make my home rise up to greet me was to change the view I see when I enter my house from either the garage or the front doors. In the relatively short time we’ve lived here I have changed the items on the wall in my entry a few times. The wall has featured My DIY Peacock Feather Holiday Wreath, another feather wreath, and rotating seasonal printables in a large white frame. We enter our home through the door leading in from the garage almost all of the time, so lately this is what I was seeing till I made my change-up:

To get my creativity on, last week I made a little Valentine’s Day vignette with these simple elements from IKEA and Michael’s:


Now the entry space has something new that is as much eye candy as it is purposeful. I love it because I can still have a seasonal rotation of the items I display here. And I get to make use of printables I love and/or make. [See below for how to download these and other printables.]

And I get to see my Young Living Essential Oils collection every time I come home. Those little gems really do seem like jewels I am collecting over time; some of them I stumble upon and others I seek. My oils journey is a fun one and I love how my house guests can now see and smell a difference every time they enter My Life Space!

Right This Way >>>

My Gentle Baby and Me
My Gentle Baby and Me
Which Oils Do You Reach for When Your Little One Needs TLC?
What Do You Reach for When Your Little One Needs TLC? I Know What Works for Me!

To get YOUR hands on these great printables, you can find them here:

  1. Printable Geoprism Mobile Display Art via My Life Space Moments
  2. Watercolor Love & Arrows 8×10 Sign via We Heart Parties
  3. Watercolor Happy Valentine’s Day Heart 8×10 Sign via We Heart Parties
  4. All You Need is Love 8×10 Sign via How To Nest for Less

I’m looking for great wall art inspiration to update this vignette for spring and summer. Do you have a favorite resource for free printables that I should seek out for pinspiration?


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