Spend Out, Level Up

Have you ever been gifted something so special you just want to keep it as your precious and only indulge in it on a rainy day? That’s just how I felt when I received these gourmet, hand-selected chocolates from my French friend who brought these back from France as a Christmas gift for me. I figured if these are a few of her favorite things and she was going to spend money on this gift for me, I must cherish them and save them, right? I mean, they are chocolates. From a sweet friend. From France. Well, I decided to break an old habit this week anyway. [And in fairness, I did only save them for a week since we just got to see each other last week. 😉 ]

There were at least twice this many cocoa confections when I opened the bag on Sunday and here they are on Tuesday, so look at me indulging in these delights! ? 

Are you a saver or do you “spend out”?

In 2017, I’m all about spending out. I’m focusing on living life with items and people I cherish and not holding back. Not holding back till it’s a special occasion, or the right time, or some other reason. I’ve had this lifelong habit of trying to soak up all I can from old things before moving on to new things. What are some examples?

Things I Used to Soak/Use Up Before Replacing it with a Backup I Already Had:

  • White wine that’s gone bad 
  • Earbuds that were falling apart
  • Hoarding many drafted blog posts
  • Perishable foods that had seen better days
  • Electronic toothbrush/Clarisonic brush heads
  • Consumable products that had lived their shelf life
  • Collections of candles, pens, office supplies and more
  • Shoes, clothes, belts, gloves, and other apparel-related items
  • Expired meds (What? I rarely reach for pills so the bottles are always expired!)
  • Both sides of the paper and perfectly good cardboard boxes (Grandma Beth taught all of us well)
  • Underwear in the current rotation (You know, instead of replacing them with ALL those free ones Victoria’s Secret gave me over the years! I can’t be alone in this.)

You get the idea. [And you’ll never know how many bottles of wine have gone to waste–sacrilege!!!] Well, those are things of the past. Moving just under two years ago helped me purge a lot of things I didn’t need or want in a short amount of time, but that life event wasn’t enough to spark a habit change and I had more I needed to purge. Instead, I now have an intrinsic burning desire and now I’m ready to make the change in a bigger way. I needed this newfound burning desire because the voice that has been whispering to me for years was not enough. Want to see an earlier glimpse at my earlier, milder desire to “spend out” and where I learned the phrase? Here’s a post I wrote in 2013 on How to Fill My Life Space with the Right Things. As a preview, my inspiration came from this powerful book on changing habits:

Now, I know this open sharing leaves room for judgment but instead I hope it helps open a dialogue or spark a burning desire for others who may have this same mentality they are trying to overcome. For the next two months, every week I am going to post an example of how I’m spending out to level up my life.

Things I’ll Do to Level Up My Life (by Spending Out):

    • Ridding my fridge, pantry and basement of oxidized wine
    • Toss my tattered earbuds from beddy bye and use new ones
    • Upload my pictures and publish my stinking drafted blog posts
    • Clean out the fridge on a recurring basis to rid outdated leftovers
    • Replace my toothbrush heads and Clarisonic brush heads on a schedule
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle my consumable products that haven’t been consumed
    • Throw out my pens that don’t work, toxic candles, and whittle down office supplies
    • Marie Kondo my side of the master closet (Have you guys read this life-changing book?!)

  • Donate any family members’ tried and true apparel, footwear and accessories that we should pass along
  • Get rid of all expired medications and first look for alternatives that are available to me in my Young Living “toolbox”
  • Keep pitching the partially used paper goods and boxes of all varieties (unless the electronics that came in them are still under warranty)
  • Swap out the worn for the unworn in my drawer of intimates (Sorry, Mom. I’m trying to come up with synonyms for undergarments without saying drawers, knickers, bloomers–and especially “panties”–eww!)

I believe this “spend out” approach will improve the quality of my life and help me better enjoy what and who I choose in my life space. Please share in the comments below if you have or will make changes in the way of people and things in your life space this year.

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  1. Michaela says:

    I too am catching the purging bug. I’m simplifying.

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