{Will The Bar Method Raise the Bar?}

Even though I’m not always down for a class with a fast-paced form, I’m stoked to experience this high quality interval training. [Read: I like low-impact yoga when I’m not dancing, so this is a good change-up.] And even though the stretching looks like my favorite part of the 8 sections of exercise, I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy working my arms, thighs, seat, and back.

I do love a good therapeutic workout, and that’s one of the Top 10 Reasons The Bar Method Works. So when it comes to my abdomen, I’ll seek recommendations from the instructor for modifying exercises based on my diastasis recti. And hopefully I’ll experience that these workout techniques will strengthen my core to provide me more support.

Almost time to get my tuck on! 🙂 Will The Bar Method raise the bar for my workouts? I guess I won’t know until BAR o’clock.

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