More to Come!

Hello from the other side of this blog! I just wanted to touch base and say that I’ve been teeing up my blog post schedule and will resume with new, exciting posts soon!

In the meantime, here is a status update I added on the {My Life Space Moments} Facebook page:

“Unexpressed creativity is not benign.” – Brene Brown…Folks, I’ve enjoyed intensive time with my littles while I’ve been on maternity leave, and I find that I feel like my whole, most expressed self when I’m creating and writing (which has usually been reserved in the past during nap time and nighttime–such as the present). Now I’d like to fuse the two together more by combining my love for bonding with my littles AND creating, so I’ll be featuring more “mommy and me” or “family bonding” type posts going forward! Therefore you can expect to see more blog posts coming soon on Thanks in advance for your continued support and feel free to like this page if you haven’t already!

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