{Enjoying the Start of Fall}

Our family has been making sure to take time to stop and smell the crisp, fall air so far this season, and I’m working to embrace autumn for all its gloriousness (and not as the sign of summer and Daylight Savings Time ending)!

A few weeks back we continued our autumnal tradition by going to the Louisburg Cider Fest; we had a great time going through the impressive and ever-changing corn maze with some long-time friends that we ran into while we were at the Cider Mill. I savored a Sparkling Raspberry Apple Cider beverage and shared my fresh-made cotton candy and nachos with my tiny tot who was just about as thrilled as (pregnant) me to partake in those indulgent snacks. 🙂 He loved climbing in the corn-filled, jack-o-lantern-painted bin, he enjoyed the blue-grass band while he sat listening on hay bails, and he had a great time playing among the other children doing kiddo activities like sliding down the hillside and leaping around the pumpkin patch without tripping.

On another day, my little one was eager to make a fall centerpiece with me, and on yet another day we painted a faux deer head for timely decor. Next we are going to paint acorns to put on display; the kid loves to paint anything, but he’s quite taken by acorns (likely because of the movie Ice Age).

How to Make a Fall Centerpiece with Kids - Easy Peasy! | {My Life Space Moments}

Last week we went to The Enchanted Forest and he was in awe of the professional puppet show with spooktacular creatures. He was delighted to ride on the trailer’s hay bails for a tractor-pulled tour through the “enchanted forest” and he couldn’t wait to decorate and release a glowing lantern on the pond (though that station was un-manned by the time we got there so we couldn’t light the tealight candle). And while the “bouncy house” with Tweety Bird was a brief thrill for him, the best part for him seems to have been being able to chase down the KC Wolf for a hug/picture before the wolf ran into the woods and also striking a pose with Anna and Elsa while donned his Olaf costume from Frozen.

My Tot Caught KC Wolf in the Woods - {My Life Space Moments}
My Tot Caught KC Wolf in the Woods – {My Life Space Moments}

On Thursday night we carved pumpkins (then I made 3 types of pumpkin seed recipes including a yummy Honey Sriracha Roasted Pumpkins Seeds one) and he was most excited about pulling the pumpkin guts and seeds out with his hands–such a boy! And on Halloween he gets to have a spooky time with his cousins before eating a meal with family, then he gets to show off his costume at the neighborhood Halloween parade before going trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. And then we all get to greet our new neighbors with treats at our door before a late-night visit to party with those same long-time friends mentioned up above!

Happy Halloween 2015!
Happy Halloween 2015!

So as I reflect, I’d say I’m really embracing the season quite nicely. After all, I did buy autumn-fragranced lotion and pull out all my fall-scented candles and wall plug-ins. And I do make a point of taking my boy to stores just to see inflatable holiday creatures. And I did just order an October Glory maple tree so I can enjoy it’s fall foliage. Who knows? Soon I may be an autumn-loving convert! Time to adjust my scarf, put on my cozy fall slippers and pull out the slow cooker to make {My Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Tater Tot Casserole}.

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  1. Hannah Jane says:

    These pictures are fantastic! And I really love your About Me piece. It’s so positive and well-written!

    1. Ashley Renee says:

      Thanks, Hannah Jane! I appreciate you stopping by and your post today brought me memories of my dog from when I was age 4 till about 20/21. Enjoy the cuddle time! 🙂

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