How to Make a Fall Centerpiece with Kids

Here is a nearly-free, nature-inspired fun fall craft for kids requiring not very much time and not very much effort. It’s just one way to #embraceautumn — with a fall centerpiece!

I had some fall-themed decorative glass gems that I previously bought at Pier 1 Imports when the season ended and I wanted to make use of them. In what seemed like a flash, I had a plan and was ready to take action–and that never happens that quickly!

How to Make a Fall Centerpiece with Kids - Easy Peasy! | {My Life Space Moments}

Here is how we made this simple fall centerpiece:

  1. I walked hand-in-hand with my adventurous kiddo to the end of our road where sunflowers were growing wild. [We live in the Sunflower State, so this seemed fitting.] When we arrived at the sunflower patch, he carefully deposited some of the acorn-shaped decorative glass gems he had confiscated from the table into his pocket. Then he helped me examine the sunflowers to pick our favorite ones, which I cut using gardening shears.
  2. We carried our wildflowers back to the kitchen table where my little tyke had already instinctively dumped all of the autumn-themed decorative glass gems onto the metal serving tray I set out for us before we left.
  3. Also before our nature walk, I had grabbed a couple toilet paper rolls that I had wrapped twine around for a {Woodland Baby Shower} and placed them on the table, letting my tiny tot know that those are the containers for the flowers.
  4. So when we got home and he climbed up to the table, he instantly placed the sunflowers in twine-wrapped holders.

NOTE: If you are planning to have the flowers live on for a bit, you’ll want to have tiny vessels inside your containers to hold water (or use a containers or vases designed for holding liquid). For instance, in a toilet paper tube you could use an old pill bottle to hold water in the bottom half of the tube.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our first autumnal project and I encourage you to seek out an experience in nature or even invite a bit of nature in as we did. Feel free to share your favorite fall projects or kiddo crafts in the comments below!

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How to Make A Fall Centerpiece with Kids | {My Life Space Moments}

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