{Slightly Controversial Post on The End of Summer Days}

Yesterday marked the end of summer days (again) and I find myself getting all nostalgic (again). I just love going to the pool and watching my toddler splash at the “splash park”, I love grilling season, summer vacations, summer clothes, the feeling that school is not in session even though I am no longer a student (and paradoxically loved being a student), and more!

In fact, due to summer nostalgia washing over me last year, I tried to use my blog post at {The Start of the Fall} to help convince myself that fall is amazing! And it is, but…

I see all the cute memes out there and people posting about their excitement for fall, and I want to be someone who likes fall better than the other seasons. And while I know fall is spectacular and all, that doesn’t seem to be enough for me to be stoked about bundling up in layers. I want to join the “cool club”! [See what I did there? Kind of a double meaning if you catch my breeze.] But I can’t yet. Year after year I don’t gain entry into the “cool club”. Perhaps I can’t figure out the code, I tell myself.

Perhaps I’m not seeing something everyone else is seeing, I think. So I survey those I love who love autumn and ask them what they find so great about it. Because once I know the secret, I can gain entry into the club, right? And they tell me they love the changing colors of the leaves, the crockpot meals, football season, bonfires, cool-weather fashion, dropping temps and less humidity, etc.

My husband says best of all is “the smell of fall”. Each time he says this year after year, I ask him to describe “the smell of fall” and each year he says it smells like “fresh air”. I usually laugh to myself but this year I laughed aloud. “Isn’t there fresh air in other seasons? And what does fresh air smell like?” He found it hard to articulate why autumnal air is just fresher.

Now, I gotta admit that I’m not known to follow sports–or even the ball as it moves from one player to another across the TV screen. So maybe that’s a big part of the miss for me during autumn, but I think more than anything it’s because autumn signifies the end of summer–my steadfast favorite season. If you’d like to see what turned into a bit of a love letter to summer but was mostly aimed at being an optimistic message about the baton hand-off between summer and fall, here is my blog post from a year ago entitled {The End of Summer Days}.

On our road trip/babymoon two weeks ago (all about planned spontaneity and bonding) we spent a couple days in Chicago, and during the falling rain I meandered into the storefront of a Bath & Body Works in a mall on The Magnificent Mile. The only scent I picked up was an Autumn-scented body lotion; I applied lotion from the tester to my hands without smelling it first. Unorthodox, I know. But I wanted to try to embrace fall. I loved the scent and plan to go out and buy it in a candle (because I can always use a 140th candle around my house or in my closeted box of candles, and I’m sure my hubby agrees). 😉

Anyway, farewell for now, Summer. We had a good run. Welcome, Autumn! Show me what you got.

My Toddler Swinging on New Buffalo City Beach | {My Life Space Moments}
My Toddler Swinging on New Buffalo City Beach | {My Life Space Moments}

Want to help me see what you see that makes fall just magnificent? Feel free to write a message in the comments below to help me understand what all the hubbub of autumn is about! It’s a great season, but do you see it as the best season? Go on, I’m looking for people to convince me, so take a stab at it!

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  1. The leaves are fiery red and yellow. The cool crisp mornings turn into sunny warm days and back to cool again in the evenings. The intense heat of summer is gone, along with the humidity. Energy builds because it isn’t depleted by heat and productivity is increased. Fall evenings invite bonfires. Friday night lights in a small town. Fall colors, fall smells (baking apples and canning) equal memories of productivity and resourcefulness. The desire to be outside and soak up the last warm days before winter hits. The only downside is that it doesn’t last long enough.

  2. Ashley Renee says:

    I love the descriptors you use, Michaela! Of the things you listed, I’m most looking forward to the fall foliage, bonfires, fall scents, the memories and more. I say “more” because you gave me a few new ways to look at the changing temperatures which is perfect! Thanks for commenting and lending me your perspective!

  3. I also feel nostalgic at the end of summer because I love it so much. I do like fall, but the adjustment period takes a really long time for me! It isn’t until mid-october that I can finally start enjoying fall. My boyfriend the other day said he loved fall for the exact same reason your husband did! How funny 🙂

    1. Ashley Renee says:

      Thanks for sharing, Kelly! I think it’s wonderful that we reminiscence about summer…it’s a sign that we had happy times, right? 🙂 I think I’m like you with the adjustment period as well, and the good news is it’s never too late to enjoy the season! And how funny that both of our fellas have the exact same reason for loving fall!?!

  4. mike feeney says:

    I am undoubtedly a Spring/Summer fan…I do love football thought so try to focus on that. One big kick for me though is getting my house ready for winter…you know, winterizing everything? Putting the lawn furniture away, cleaning the grille etc. Keeps me busy, but the cool air makes it so nice to stay in bed! haha, I try to like fall like you but…not my favorite

  5. Ashley Renee says:

    Glad to hear there is another spring/summer fan out there! Nice strategy with focusing on football and other activities that keep you busy, though how great is it to give yourself down time if you just want to stay in bed?! Always great to recharge. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mike!

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