Fridays = Time for the Sock Dance!

Fridays are just the BEST!!! I swear those first minutes of the weekend are just unlike any other in the week! Don’t you just feel like dancing and singing in your car with the windows rolled down? Further, does anyone else have a hard time resisting the urge of skipping all the way to your car?

It’s not about the work week, it’s about the warmth of the sunshine, birds chirping, the soft breeze and the thought of being able to do anything you want for two nights and two days!!

When we were first married up until recent years, we called that time when you first get home “time for the sock dance”…this is because every Friday I’d come home and start dancing, and after a few times I started adding, “Sock dance–sock dance–sock dance!” simultaneuously with each socked foot that came off the ground while I was dancing.

Awww, it’s time for a long-overdue much-anticipated sock dance tonight, only this time with Sebastian too!! Ok, so maybe I’m extra excited that my mom and step-dad are on their way to visit us too! ?

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