{Increasing in Age Really Does Bring Wisdom}

Aren’t you surprised at how much age really does bring wisdom?!? I shared this with a friend recently and thought it’d be fitting to include my thoughts on aging on my birthday!
Increase in Age = Increase in Wisdom.
Not to deem myself as wise by any means, but I have SO much more life perspective than I did 5 years ago–and definitely more than 10 years ago! SO much more. Even more than a year ago. Which is great! It’s just REALLY shocking for me too because I thought it’d come gradually, spread out over time. Now with this understanding, I respect someone who’s only a few years older than me even more than before because I realize they actually know volumes more about life in just those extra handful of years on this planet! Not to mention the enormous amount of respect I have for those who are numerous years older than me; that level of respect and awe and appreciation only increased.
Anyway, my top strength is being futuristic [according to StrengthsFinder] and I just love to think that I–including my life, love and friendship [and all other relationships]–will keep getting better with time like a fine wine! OK, so I’ve probably never had fine wine, but I’m sure “they” are right when they say it just keeps getting better with age.
So feel free to share your thoughts with me as a special birthday gift to me: Do you remember a day in which you also reflected and realized you had gained a lot of life experience or gleaned unexpected wisdom through circumstances? Are there any other self-proclaimed lifelong learners out there and don’t you love the journey?!
“Aging is an inevitable process. I surely wouldn’t want to grow younger. The older you become, the more you know; your bank account of knowledge is much richer.” – William Holden

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