{My Sister’s Champagne & Cupcakes Bridal Shower}

Popping Bottles! My little sis and I had so much fun planning our other sis’ bridal showers together and I thought it was high time I post the pictures! I was eager to do some crafting so I happily volunteered to plan and execute decorations for both parties! With Bellini’s and Mimosa’s in hand and plenty of cupcakes, candy, fruit and veggies to go around, the soiree was great fun!

When it came to orchestrating all of the elements of the events, my sister on the left in the picture below was awesome to collaborate with! The then bride-to-be is pictured in the middle below…we could tell she had such a wonderful time which was what it was all about!

{Sister Trio - Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower}
{Sister Trio – “Cheers!”}

Below are many of the party elements! The bride’s now sister-in-law kindly secured the space, the cotton candy, popcorn and other such while my little sis supplied the food, plasticware and other such. On this side of the island, we had three different kinds of juices and three different kinds of fruit to make Bellini’s and Mimosa’s with the champagne! And of course we had to try champagne poured over the cotton candy–yum!!!

Looking at our Champagne Bar, here are some of the handmade touches you can see:

  • To make the food signs, I cut shimmery gold scrapbook paper to size and folded it in half; then I added stickers made to look like chalkboard labels and adhered them to the folded paper. I also had labels for the fruit and veggies on the counter behind the island.
  • I wrapped empty boxes in shiny, gold wrapping paper to prop up the food and we used an eclectic mix of vessels as pitchers or carafes.
  • I commissioned my hubby to make {My “Time to Drink Champagne” Canvas Sign} featured in the center. He sketched it out to my specifications but I didn’t want to “screw it up”, so my artiste traced the letters on the canvas for me. 🙂
  • For the cupcake table, I printed a sign that said “Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes” and put it in a gold frame for display.
{Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower}
{Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower with Beaming Bride-to-Be}
{Cupcake Wedding Dress}
{Gorgeous Cupcake Wedding Dress}

My lil’ sis was nice enough to make the tissue poms below, and here is how I made {My DIY “Miss to Mrs.” Chevron Banner}:

  1. I took chevron scrapbook paper and cut out circles.
  2. Next, I cut the pink scrapbook paper letters to size using my Cricut machine.
  3. Then I glued the letters to the chevron paper.
  4. Lastly, I cut hot pink twine (from Lowe’s) to length and attached each letter with a mini clothespin with attached felt lips.
    1.  I alternated the pink and red felt puckered lips for subtle color variation. I found these mini clothespins with lips at Michael’s.
{My DIY “Miss to Mrs.” Chevron Banner with Tissue Poms}

And now for {My DIY Glittery Champagne Bottle Centerpieces} that I made to tie in with the Champagne Bar theme! Believe it or not, this is a time-consuming task in which you learn how to improve the finished product along the way. There are tutorials on how to create these, but I just experimented with the order in which I performed each step until I got in a rhythm and was able to make several. Here is how I made them:

  1. While you can decorate unopened bottles of champagne, I collected empty bottles (from sparkling white grape juice I believe)
    1. I decided to leave the labels on, but I have soaked them off for other centerpieces and that works well as long as you can remove all sticky residue and pieces of label to have a clean slate.
  2. Next I spray-painted the top two-thirds gold to match my glitter.
  3. Then I experimented with both spray adhesive and Elmer’s glue and found that a combination of both worked well for me(though I’m sure Mod Podge would work quite well too).
    1. I applied the Elmer’s glue to each location where I wanted a band of glitter and then rolled the bottle in the glitter.
      1. To create an ombre effect, you can mix the two colors of glitter together and then apply it to the middle section so that the two colors appear to blend together.
    2. After that, I used the spray adhesive to add a second coat of glitter over top of the first layer. This time I just sprinkled the glitter over top so as not to disturb the first layer of glued glitter. I learned these two techniques through trial and error while previously working on {My DIY Glittery Christmas Trees}!
  4. Lastly, I let them dry overnight so that nothing knocked off the excess glitter.

I tested out a couple sizes of glitter and found that the ultra-fine glitter gave me the look I was after. To complete my party centerpieces, I added tea light candles to the tables with gold curling ribbon and confetti I made by hand-punching the coordinating scrapbook paper leftover from my banner above.

{My DIY Glittery Gold Champagne Bottle Centerpieces}
{My DIY Glittery Gold Champagne Bottle Centerpieces}

While the bridal shower invites my lil’ sis ordered were super cute, my keepsake copies are tucked safely in a box of last summer’s mementos located in our storage unit (during our temporary stay in the apartment), so maybe once I’m settled into our new house I can add those here as an update.

Lastly, what shower is complete without shower games?!

{Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower Game}
{Questions to Ask the Bride and Groom – Bridal Shower Game}
{Not to Burst Your Bubble(gum)! - Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower Game}
{Not to Burst Your Bubble(gum)! – Champagne and Cupcakes Bridal Shower Game}

For a list of our fun bridal party games, feel free to email me at mylifespacemoments@gmail.com! And don’t miss {My Sister’s Tea Party Bridal Shower} in an upcoming post! 🙂

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