{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken}

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Kung Pao Chicken, but I wanted to play up the fact that this dish is a spicy little number*! Indeed, I put enough “Pain is Good” Sriracha Pepper Sauce in this to give a real “POW!” in the kisser! I could really ratchet it up as high on the heat scale as I wanted to go, since Kung Pao Chicken doesn’t suit my hubby’s taste buds and my tiny tot is a bit small for super spicy food {though it has to be one of my top 5 fave meals–and a definite #1 for me at Pei Wei Asian Diner}!           * {just like the blogger / stay-at-home cook who provided the recipe}

{My Kung POW! Chicken}

{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} - Sauce Mixture
{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} ~ Mixture Slowly Cooking  #nofilter
{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} with Crock Pot
{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} ~ Time to Eat!  #nofilter

I proudly modified {My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} by doing the following:

  • I added green onions since I thought it would be nice for color and since I enjoy them in said dish at the aforementioned restaurant.
  • The same goes for the peanuts I added.
    • {Hmmmm, maybe I will add thinly sliced carrots next time since those would also add another pop of color and provide great texture for the tongue!}
  • did use 4 tablespoons Sriracha sauce, though many reviewers of the original recipe said that was overkill for their taste-testers. Regardless, it was a swell amount for me but proceed with caution based on your own taste buds!
  • Since I didn’t have pre-minced garlic, I added garlic powder.
  • Since I didn’t have olive oil, I substituted with grape seed oil and I didn’t notice a difference.
  • Instead of plain white rice, this was on a bed of rice made from a Cilantro and Lime Rice recipe as prepared at Chipotle Mexican Grill!
{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken}
{My Crock Pot Kung POW! Chicken} ~ Closeup to Showcase Texture  #nofilter

I am not joking when I say I enjoyed this meal so much ALL WEEK, since it made plenty of servings for one person to enjoy! And if you stir in fresh peanuts and add fresh-sliced green onions each time you serve the leftovers, it tastes just like night one! I am still not kidding when I say that as my leftovers were dwindling, all I could think about was how soon I was going to make the recipe again!! I’m just THAT in love with it!

Please do share if you try this recipe as I would love to hear if others enjoy it as much as I did!!

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