{My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art}

In recent years I have really fallen for geometric shapes and patterns. Inspired by color field paintings, this project combined that love with my infatuation for DIY projects and large-scale art –> a perfect union! It also met the need for wall art in my space and coordinates nicely with my other patterns, so I was quite tickled! Hence, My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art! 🙂

My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art

I first saw this pin on Pinterest and knew that I had to create my own! Admittedly, I made this canvas wall art in 2012 {with a couple of helpful gal pals who held the tape in place as I maneuvered it around to create my ideal design on the spot!} but I have never published a post for this project, so I thought this would be a great time to showcase the DIY effort as I currently live in limbo between my old and new home.

Super Quick How-To for My Geometric Print DIY Canvas Wall Art:

I created my DIY wall art by eyeballing a layout and placing thin tape accordingly. Then I painted over the tape and removed it before the acrylic paint dried; the key is removing the tape before the paint dries, which I found out the hard way when some of the tape stayed affixed to the clean line it created against the paint. The tape reminds me of old cassette tape if that helps for a visual; it can be hard to find the right width for your purpose, though I located mine in a craft store.

My DIY Geometric Print Canvas Wall Art - Drying

My DIY Geometric Print Canvas Wall Art - Close-Up

While my creation is very similar to the original inspiration project from The New Domestic, a different dwelling dons fun blue walls with a trio of orange and silver geometric prints with a different scale. For color and geometric shape variation, check out this one from See That There. I love their color scheme as well but I chose a bright orange (to nearly match my bedding) and a metallic silver (to coordinate with my night stand lamps which will be shown in an upcoming post called {My Former Master Bedroom Retreat}.

My DIY Geometric Print Canvas Wall Art - Displayed
{My DIY Geometric Print Canvas Wall Art} – Displayed

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Update: This canvas wall art graces the wall above my spa tub in the master bathroom of our new home! It’s a fun way for me to carry the intense orange from my master bedroom into the adjacent bathroom. Pictures will follow. In the meantime, please tell me what you think of the geometric canvas wall art in the comments below! 

You can view more of my completed DIY crafts in {My DIY Project Space}!

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  1. wow!!! working on some wall art myself!!! this looks amazing!

  2. Ashley Renee says:

    Thanks, Samiya! Will you be posting a picture or your wall art as well? Isn’t it so much fun to make your own art?!

  3. Hey Ashley.. Yup i just posted it on my blog… N u r absolutely right it was totally fun!! 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley!!! Thts amazing.. I think I just did the same with your blog… I hv to spend some more time there coz its awesome 🙂 thanks for liking my stuff.. I sure will see you around!!

      1. Ashley Renee says:

        Hi Samiya!!! I guess we have that in common and I must spend some more time perusing your blog as well ‘cuz it’s awesome too! 🙂 Thanks for commenting and I’ll keep an eye out for more of your great content in my inbox or Reader!!

  4. Ashley Renee says:

    Hey Samiya, I actually subscribed to your blog and clicked on the link as soon as I saw the email come through my inbox! It looks great and I was going to let you know! I may have to try that project myself!!

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