{These Are a Few of My Favorite Things}

Over the weekend I hosted {My Favorite Things Party} and loved experiencing this unique take on a gift exchange with my fun friends! Of course it was also fun seeing the outcome of a DIY project that some friends helped with in advance {no spoiler alerts here!}, and I learned how to make a simple homemade holiday punch {Thanks, Pinterest!} that I’ll be sure to make again! The theme was JiNgLe, MiNgLe, & MiX and that we did! 

And now for a few of my favorite things! For {My Favorite Things Party}, I suggested we bring 5 of the same item (as opposed to 5 different items) though I assume there are a number of variations that a hostess can come up with!

I purchased 5 Salted Caramel Cocoa Mixes with Marshmallows served in lidded glass jars and then I combined them with handmade additions! In last week’s post I shared that I like to personalize my gifts when possible, so I printed labels that said “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” and secured them to the top of the jar lids. Then I made white chocolate and milk chocolate {Hot Cocoa Spoons} with sprinkles. And for a twist, I added {hand-cut YUM YUM beverage stencils} that dressed up the drinks in case someone makes them sans marshmallows. So if I really break it down…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:

  • Salted Caramel Cocoa Mix – {Did I mention it’s Salted Caramel? That’s the kicker! And each mix makes 6 cups!}
  • Mini Marshmallows
    • {As a side note, marshmallows are a fave because I love them served in different ways: sometimes roasted over an open flame, heated in the microwave until they get hard like taffy or heated even longer till they have a bit of a crunch to them like a soft peppermint, or just left in an open bag until they get hard and chewy! Am I alone in this?}
  • Hot Cocoa Spoons with Sprinkles – {White and Milk Chocolate} 
  • DIY Beverage Stencil – {For Beverages, Cakes or Cupcakes!}
  • Glass Jar with Lid – {Don’t ya just love gifts in jars? I also love the idea of drinking out of one–it just seems more fun!}

Shop That Party:

  • I bought the plastic plates at Party City and each guest clustered their favorite things on a plate; then everyone made their own label on a small tag tied with twine.
  • The Cocoa Mix was from Target (because a working mom runs out of time to do-it-herself once in a while!)
  • I bought the red spoons at Dollar Tree.
  • The table runner is actually wrapping paper from the $1 bin at Michael’s.
  • The plastic display signs are from IKEA and the printables are courtesy of Positively Splendid!

I had a lot of fun with a great mix of my friends who who were able to attend despite this busy holiday season! It was so great to see the girls that I’ve met through so many different avenues! Feel free to check out some of the party pics!

Do tell: what are a few of your favorite things?

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