{My DIY Painted Ceramic Vases Gift}

I really like personalizing the experience of a gift by making it myself (hello, DIY!) and have always enjoyed handmade or personalized gifts. Whether it was customizing scarves I brought back from Italy with monograms for the girls in my family or engraved mugs and trays, hand-crafted picture ornaments, etc. Even if a manufacturer or craftsman has already done the legwork of creating the base product, I truly believe adding personal touches enhances the gift-receiving (and gift-giving!) experience >>——> Win-Win! 


{My DIY Painted, Glazed and Fired Vases}


A while back two of my girlfriends and I headed over to Paint, Glaze & Fire Ceramics and Coffeehouse for a fun DIY, some girl time, and of course gourmet beverages! One of my friends painted a charming pattern on a spoon rest to enjoy in her kitchen while my other friend painted a fish-shaped bowl for her kitty cat to enjoy during fancy feasts. 😉

I chose these three vases that I thought would cluster well together. Next I chose three colors I thought would complement each other nicely and may be pleasing colors for a gift recipient. After enough coats to provide a solid, consistent color on each vase, I left the painted trio at the shop to be glazed and fired. Then when I received the call that my vases were ready, I rushed over to pick them up and admire the finished products!

{My DIY Painted Ceramic Vases}

If you don’t have time to run out and go paint ceramic pottery for a last-minute gift, don’t fret! There are tons of websites that offer customized gifts such as personalizationmall.com. I have used this site for the last couple of years to order over a dozen gifts tailored for family and friends for all different occasions from graduation to birthday to Christmas and so on. Heck, I even ordered my new address stamp from there and got personalized tissue paper that says, “Congratulations! From [our family]” and “Happy Birthday! From [our family]”.

Ok, while I’m on the subject of items for me >>——> I must confess that this trio of painted vases was one of those gifts that you buy and decide that maybe you were meant to have it all along >>——> so I kept them for my guest bedroom! Now each of my guests can enjoy them when they come and I can still admire my handy-work. However, normally I recommend if you must have the item and you can easily mass-produce them, you can make one to give and a carbon copy to keep!

Another confession: I don’t always allow enough time to personalize a gift before the gift-giving window, so admittedly this isn’t something someone can do EVERY time. Though I hope you agree it sure is fun when you can. 🙂

What DIY gifts have been your fave to give and/or receive? Please share in the comments below!

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