{Breaking Out of Your Life Rut – Part 1}

Whether it is a career rut, a workout rut, a creative rut, etc., we all get stuck at one time or another. In those times we need to tweak our routine to break out of it. In writing this, I wanted to look for ideas on how to break out of a workout rut and use it as a model for breaking out of a “life” rut. The first article I began with was How to Break Out of Your Workout Rut and it outlined 5 steps that I’ve modified for those ready to bust out of their life rut or even anyone preparing to sit down to make life plans.

{Breaking Out of Your Life Rut - Part 1}

Things to Do to Break Out of Your Life Rut – Part 1:

1. Warm Up. No Excuses. If you skip your warm-up when working out, “you cheat yourself out of maximum results.” And just as you need to prime your body the right way, you need to prime your mind the right way. Here’s how:

Your Brain Power Boosted by Exercise

2. Trick Your Brain. Just like your body, when your brain gets used to a routine, it becomes more efficient—and you stop seeing results. For example, every day your drive home from work on the same path and every day you arrive at your doorstep without actually having to think about driving. It’s like going on auto-pilot. While that may be fine to you when it comes to your monotonous drive, surely you don’t want to get stuck living your life on auto-pilot. Therefore, you can keep your mind working with switch-ups.

  • Change the Order. If you have a go-to writing/planning/list-making routine, work through it backward. Or mix up the order entirely. Fatiguing your mind muscle in a different way than you normally do can feel like a whole new routine.
  • Swap Equipment. Do the things you love, just change the tools. If certain tools aren’t working for you, keep experimenting. Here are some examples:
    • If you find that you make goal lists on scraps of paper that you can’t keep organized, consider a personalized binder, a special journal, a designated whiteboard, etc.
    • Get techie and trade your notepad for a note-taking app on your mobile device.
    • If you normally do your typing at a coffeehouse, change trends by taking your writing to a tea garden. Your mind is more stimulated by working to adapt when faced with unfamiliar tools and settings.

3. Go Harder. Not seeing results? You may not be challenging yourself enough. Getting out of your rut means you have to work. To up your game:

  • Progress Your Moves. One shortcut to increasing satisfaction is to increase the amount of things you enjoy (in your job description, in your social calendar, in your life), but it’s not the only way. Experiment with using your knowledge and skills differently. Once you’ve mastered one skill well, try achieving a similar result but in a method unique to you.
  • Trade Up. See if there are more intense variations of the same activities that can help you progress your knowledge or skills.
    • Dream bigger. I’ve heard that many people don’t dream big enough; one advice-giver suggests tripling your goals. I haven’t tried this, but I would be curious to hear from anyone who has stretched their goals that far.
  • Take Baby Steps. Take small steps toward achieving your goal so that it feels less overwhelming. If stretching your goals is intimidating, take smaller steps. To tie this back to exercise, “A painless way to step up your cardio is to increase intensity or time by up to 10 percent each week,” says Dorette Franks, a San Francisco–based USA Triathlon and USA Track & Field coach. Why not take the same approach with your goals?

“Small, incremental changes aren’t overwhelming, and they keep you moving forward.” – Lara Rosenbaum

Hopefully {Breaking Out of Your Life Rut - Part 1} gave you some inspiration you are eager to try. Be sure to check out {Breaking Out of Your Life Rut - Part 2} in which I'll outline my next few things to do to break out of your life rut, which includes: 
4.) Change Frequency
5.) Cool Down
6.) Make Time to Recover

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