{Things That Give Me Bursts of Energy}

{Things That Give Me Energy}

I’ve learned that if I put my body in motion, I feel like I have more energy to stay in motion! It’s like the TV commercial says (about Newton’s Law of Motion): “It’s simple physics. A body in motion stays in motion…A body at rest stays at rest.”

Here is a short list of things that give me energy as a reminder for myself and for others’ inspiration! {It has to be a short list so you still have energy to get up and go after this! What, did you think I’d let your energy get zapped?}

{Things That Give Me Bursts of Energy!}

  • Date night – provides special bonding time that’s unparalleled by time on the couch together
  • Physical play with my toddler – thrills abound and laughter follows
  • Crafting with friends – stimulates my creativity and feeds my desire for fun with friends
  • Family visits – excitement comes from seeing family that I don’t get to spend much time with
  • Jamming out to an “anthem” song – pumps me up while my brain’s pleasure center lights up
  • Eating a piece of chocolate – steals some joy and caffeine from a treat
  • Writing positive messages – resets my thinking to stockpile happy thoughts
  • Organizing my space – frees up mental energy to have a decluttered space
  • Walking for 10 minutes – helps with clarity
    • 5 minutes outdoors – triggers serotonin and dopamine
Sometimes it just takes one of these quick “life hacks” to give me the boost I need! What tricks work to give you bursts of energy?

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