{Interview Your Loved Ones Before They’re Gone}


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How do you honor people?

If you have loved ones who you’ve lost or you have people in your life right now who you just admire greatly, who are helping you out, who…

The podcast recording of this video led me to Brendon Burchard’s interview questions which was just what I needed to re-initiate my interviews with my inspiring Grandma!

Beth Tielke is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, matriarch of many and friend to many more! While the interview took place via a recorded phone call on October 5, 2014, the theme of the interview is “Spring”. The focus is Beth’s memories over the span of the first twenty years of her life. Stay tuned for “Summer” in which we will cover the following season of Beth’s life!

You can check out the recording here: https://soundcloud.com/reneeosunshine/interview-with-sunshine-beth-tielke-spring

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Interview Your Loved Ones Before They’re Gone

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