{My Heart Space is Filled to the Brim!}


First Family Photo at Home
{First Family Photo at Home}

I’m BAAACCCK!!!  Did you miss me?  🙂  Excitedly I share that my big surprise became a beautiful baby boy who was just born in April!!!!!  Now that I have had a chance to settle into life as a mommy, I am ready to resume my blog and share what I have been up to lately. 🙂  Of course I’ll have lots to share about my happy baby, but in the meantime… 

I experienced my first hot yoga (Vinyasa Flow) class today and, boy, they are not kidding when they call it “hot” yoga!  While I found many of the yoga instructor’s motivating phrases to be truly inspiring, a few of them stood out to me in particular.  The first phrase that struck me was an instruction to “create your space.”  Instantly I thought about my “life space” and my blog.  I have been thinking about resuming my blog for months but something [read: myself] was holding me back.  But why had I stopped writing about—or more to the point, creating—my life space?  I think it boils down to the issue of carving out time and my lack of acceptance for anything less than perfect.  It was fascinating to find that…

The next statement that resonated with me was a poignant reminder of the passing of time:

“If not now, then when?” 

Right then and there I asked myself [despite the fact that I was taking my mind off of my practice], if I don’t resume my blog (and other writing) now, then when will I?  I just had a baby so I can’t expect anything to slow down!  My bundle of joy has filled my heart space and my life space!!  Yet the question remains: “If not now, then when?” 

The answer is simple:


Lastly, she closed the practice by encouraging us to be our “perfectly imperfect” selves.  And that is exactly what I aim to do here.  I started this blog with a resolution and now I resolve to not only keep writing and sharing, but to continue to be my perfectly imperfect self.  

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